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Wrote this for my best friend. Hope you like it!

Words: 1,363

Your pov:
It was Friday and you were ecstatic. The weekend was finally here. You loves school but loves sleeping in. There was another reason you were happy as well. Today was your best friend, Liam Payne baseball game. Every Friday since freshman year you went to all his games, cheering him on from the stands alone, but in sophomore year you met a girl name Sammie and you both became fast friends, her ending up being one of your best friends.  Not long after she developed a crush on Liam's friend Harry, them becoming an official couple in junior year, connected at the hip since then. So since then on you both cheered on Harry and Liam together.

Speaking of crushes you have had a major crush on Liam since the 9th grade . You never told her because he was dating snotty bitch Sophia Smith, from 9-10 grade. Let's just say you were happy when Liam broke the news of their breakup and Liam has been single since, but he had a few flings here and there.

Anyhow you were meeting Sammie by the lockers so you could walk together out to the field where the game was being played out.

You reach her locker and saw Harry and her making out..as usual.

"Get a room lovebirds," you joked.

"Sorry Sherryl," Harry apologized, sheepishly.

You saw Harry look at his phone and mutter a 'shit'

"Bye babe, cheer for me," he said giving her cheek a peck and ran to the boys locker room.

"I will,"

"Ugh! you guys are such total cheese balls,"

Sammie rolled her eyes, " Just you wait, you'll be like that with Liam after you tell him your feelings,"

You sigh. " I doubt he feels the same way, plus I seen him hanging over Danielle a couple of times,"

"Yeah, but what you didn't see is him pushing her off," she shot back.

"I'm just scared that if I tell him my feeling and there not reciprocated it'll ruin our three year friendship ans I don't want that," you frowned.

"Sherryl, you never know until you tell him, but I know he does. He always gives you these fond looks, and when Zayn Malik waa hitting on you he gave him an angry glare,"

"He was just being protective,"

Sammie just rolls her eyes amd you both find a seat near the field, you could see Liam and Harry. Liam was up first to bat and you could see his define muscles through his uniform. You blush at that thought and Liam looks up, his brown eyes shining bright at the sight of you. He waves happily as he sees the "Payne" hoodie he left for you.

The 1st inning starts and the starting pitcher, Nick Grimshaw on thw oposing team throws a curve ball ,Liam hitting the ball.

"Whoo hoo! Go Liam! you cheered loudly a couple of people staring at you. They did it to Sammie as well when Harry scored thr first point.

It was the 9th and final inning amd the bases were loaded, the score being 6-0 with two outs ,If Harry gets a home-run they win the game.

The pitcher throws the ball and Harry hits the ball hard, Liam runs to home base and Harry follows behind. There team had won.

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