Chapter Four

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The next week
Zion was released from the hospital not too long ago. We were currently on our way back to the precinct. I was sitting in one of the cars, with Zion in the middle and Officer Peck to the right of him.

Zion held my hand through the whole car ride, but I wasn't complaining about it. It comforted the both of us. I could see the precinct enlarging as we got closer. I'm not gonna lie, I was taking advantage of being with Zion in the hospital.

I'd no longer be able to hold his hands without him being cuffed. I would no longer be able to kiss him without cameras watching us. I'd no longer be able to talk about things with him without it being timed. I was snapped out of my thoughts when Zion laid his head on my shoulder. I smiled to myself, resting the side of my face on top of his head. I could see my dad staring at the both of us from the rear view mirror. I cleared my throat, sitting up straight.

My dad and Officer Peck walked on both sides of Zion, holding both of his arms behind his back. Jason was walking behind us, I could feel his eyes burning into the back of my head. Zion sat in a chair, looking at the floor in order to avoid any sort of contact with Jason.

"You're gonna pay for this, fuckboy." Jason said as he walked past Zion's cell.
"Shut up." My dad groaned.
"Fuck you." I spat. My dad's head snapped towards me.
"I don't mind the cursing, honey." My dad said, undoing Zion's handcuffs.

"Time and place, babygirl." Jason said, a smug grin plastering upon his face. It took less than a second for Zion to get up and press Jason against the bars of another inmates cell. My jaw dropped when Zion smashed his head against the concrete wall. His stitches bursted open and blood oozed out. I cringed at the sight, turning my head away.
"Relax!" An officer rushed towards Zion, pulling him off of Jason.

Jason was once again brought to the hospital, and Zion was left in his cell.
"When can I see him?" I asked Officer Grey, the officer that broke up the fight earlier.
"Honestly honey, I don't think you should see him." He said, shaking his head at the thought of what happened earlier.

"I agree." My dad said, walking into the office.
"Dad, he needs help. He needs someone to be there for him. Please let me see him at least one more time." I begged
"No, I'm taking you home and you're not coming back until I decide that you can," He said. "Get in the car, I'll meet you there and I'm driving you home." I dreadfully walked to the car, sitting in the back seat. I kicked my shoes off, bringing my legs up so that my knees met my chest. I hid my face in my hands as I began to sob. My dad got in the car, not acknowledging the fact that I was crying.

"Good night." My dad said as I went upstairs. I was upset. I wasn't sure if he was looking out for me or if he didn't want me to be happy. Once I got to my bedroom, I took a shower, washing my hair, and changing into a pair of grey shorts and a white tank top.

I sat on my bed, pulling out my laptop. I quietly played the recording of Zion singing a song that he and his friends had come up with. They called it On My Way.

It's about a girl that left her partner to be with someone else. She was at a club, having a blast, but they were trying to figure out where she was and how to get her back. I definitely related to this song. I got chills when I heard Zion's voice. I missed looking into his brown orbs as we spoke about stupid things. I missed admiring his dimples as he laughed at a corny joke I made. I missed hearing him say that I was beautiful. My phone rung loudly, making me jump a bit. Once I finally found my phone, the call ended. I clicked on the home button, it was my childhood best friend, Elijah.

"Hey, Dani. I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you're doing well and I hope everything's going great with your counseling sessions. I was just calling to see how everything was going. Call me back when you can. Love you, Dan-Dan." I smiled to myself as I listened to his voice mail. I clicked on the phone icon, clicking on Eli's contact.

"Hey, Eli." I said, playing with strands of my hair.
"So, how's everything been?" He asked.
"Everything's been fine. An inmate hasn't tried to kill me yet, thank god," I chuckled. "What about you?"
"College is a pain in the ass. I graduated two weeks ago, then I'm starting graduate school in a few weeks." He said.
"Congratulations!" I said, smiling to myself. "So, how's everything been with you and Stephanie?"
"Well, we broke up. She's still into the whole thing where she sleeps with another guy every other day."

"Hey, how's your love life?" He questioned.
"Well, there's this guy-"
"Who is it?!"
"He's an inmate."
"Eli, he's not terrible. Of course he's in prison for a horrible reason, but he's an amazing guy. I feel special when I'm with him, I don't know. He just makes me feel something that I haven't felt in a while." I said, biting into my bottom lip as I thought about Zion.

"Well, have you told him about your feelings?" He asked.
"Not really. We've kissed a few times but I never really told him about my feelings." I said, nibbling on my nail.
"You have to tell him."
"I don't know when to tell him." I said.

"You need to tell him when the mood is right. When you two are alone and you have the chance to tell him, tell him."
"You're the best at giving advice, Elijah." I chuckled.
"Thank you," He giggled a bit. "I'll see you whenever I get to. Bye, Dani"
"Bye, Eli." I hung up, holding my phone close to my chest.

I need to tell Zion.

* * *

What's gonna happen in the next chapter? 🤔

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