Let's Change Things Up In This Town Part 4

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Chapter 3:

We turned from the parking lot to a road that went around the main building to another long path like the one I came in on. Greattt, another long road to travel on. When would this place end?

After traveling for a minute I followed him as he turned right in a clearing. It led to a group of five buildings. But the cool part was the buildings were sort of on an island. There was a small river that you had to cross over a bridge and through a gate to get to the buildings.

We pulled up to the gate and Nicholas showed the guard his ID (wow this school goes all out). I pulled up after Nicholas and showed the guy my pass as a new student.

"Pull up and walk back over and we'll take your picture for your ID." He said to me as I pulled forward and noticed Nicholas was already out of his car and leaning against it. (WOW so cool...)

*20 Minutes Later*

My ID was printed and handed to me, and me and Nicholas were walking towards our cars.

"So Nicholas, do you always agree to showing the new girls around?" I say as I approach my car.

"You can call me Nick, and this is a once and a lifetime thing for me." He said.

"Well Nicholas...Continue on with this once and a lifetime journey to the center of the campus." I say jokingly as I climbed into my car.

We got to the dorm buildings in less than a minute from there and I easily realized that it was easy to find the right building. The front of the buildings contained a large letter along the whole front of it.

We pulled up to a decent looking building that I easily fell in love with. It looked like a five-star hotel.

"Now you're lucky, you get the good building." Nicholas says to me as he walks around to my car.

"What?" I say as I keep my eyes on the building.

"This is the best building on campus. Hottest parties, best people, most amazing view, best spot to just walk onto the beach and the best waves are right behind this building because its open to the most water." He finishes as he reaches in my car and grabs some bags.

"Are you gonna help me, or am I supposed to do this myself?" He asks me seriously.

I grabbed some bags and walk towards the door and open it for him. We head towards the elevator and I run up and press the button quickly, recieving a wierd look from Nicholas.

"Don't ask. I like to press elevator buttons." I say.

"So what floor are you on?" He asks me.

"Ummm..." I start as I look at my papers, "It says 614." I say.

He looks at me surprised and continues walking toward the next elevator. We get in and he presses the 6. We go up to the sixth floor and walkdown the hall to room 14.

A couple minutes later, I had brought my key out and was turning the knob.

I opened the door and walked in to see a sunroom type room. It was really cool looking. There were two surfboard racks hanging on the wall and one was empty. There was also a painting of a sunset covering one whole wall.

As you walked in, you could look to your left and see a small kitchen painted red with bright colors surrounding the rest of the kitchen. There was also a small closet and french doors leading to outside.

I walked over to the doors and looked out, I sawa small deck with a small table and two chairs around it. It looked so cute. I turned to Nicholas and smiled.

He led me over to the right of the room where there were 3 doors. The left door and the right door were bedrooms and the middle was obviously the bathroom. One door had written on it, 'Dakota's Room'. That must be my new roommate.

I walked to the door on the left where nothing was written anywhere and opened the door to see an average sized room but this room had a huge window on the wall facing the same way as the deck. I looked out the window and saw the view and fell in love with it.

My thoughts got interupted when Nicholas asked, "Remember me? Ya well I'm still holding this stuff." He said.

"Oh sorry, it's just...wow, this is so much. Umm, just set it down anywhere." I said looking around and noticing there was a desk, bed, dresser, and closet.

"Alright, I'm going to go get the rest." Nick said on his way out.

I walked over to my roommates room and knocked on the door.

"Hello?" I heard a loud voice call.

Before I could get a word out, a tall girl came out of the room with blond, wavy hair.

"Hiya, you must be my new roommate...Ryleigh right?" She asks.

I was taken off by this because I never really had any...friends.

"Yeah, and you must be Dakota," she gave me a skeptical look, "it's on your door." I finish.

She smiles at me and then I hear a knock at the main door. I run over and open it to see Nick with the rest of my bags.

"The other rack is yours, food in the kitchen is shared, give me your schedule." Dakota says as she runs into my room and searches my purse.

I put my board up in the rack and walk onto the deck overlooking all the people on the beach and taking in all the scenary. This was all so much.

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