'A Bunch Of Accidents'

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Then Vincent got hit in the head by a ball, falling into the water again.
"Oh god I'm so sorry!" Was heard somewhat near.

"Oh god Vincent are you ok?!" Zak said, and helped him up.
Then Vincent turned around, to a person who was heavily breathing, they probably ran from somewhere.

"I'm s-sorry for that!" The person said, then they looked up.

"A6d?" The person asked.

"And you areee...???" Vincent asked.

"You don't remember me- oh hey Skep" the person said, and turned to Zak.

"You really seem fimiliar." Darryl said.

"Oh my God Dream how long does it take you to get a freaking ball when you're right next to it?" Zelkam walked over to them.

"Oh hey Zak, Darryl and Vincent." Zelkam said, waving to them.
"Oooh, hi Dream!" Vincent said
"I missed ya!" He also said and hugged him, they were hugging for some time, for about a minute. Vincent then took of his glasses because they were covered in water, and he couldn't see.
Vincent then rubbed his still soaked shirt and tried drying the glasses, it kind of worked.
Then Vincent bent down to get the ball, and Dream did the same, so they hit their foreheads.
"Sorry!" They said at the same time.

Then they did it again.
And again.
So then Neither of them reached for it.
Zelkam just took the ball since it was impossible for Vincent or Dream to take it.
Zak and Darryl looked at eachother.
Zak made an evil smile.

"You two are like... The clumsiest people I've ever met so far." Zelkam said.

Then there was heard some running through water.
Spifey knocked Zelkam into the water.
Zelkam got up, and turned to Spifey.
"What was that for!??"
"Nothing, are you afraid of the water or something??" Spifey replied with.
"Whatever" Zelkam said and turned back to the others.

Vincent then turned to Zak and Darryl.
"You two are oddly quiet... You're planning something aren't you?"

"Hahaaaa, nah, why would you think that??" Zak tried distracting him, while Darryl whispered their little plan to Zelkam and Spifey.

"Ok I'm scared now-" Vincent said and backed away.

Then, he started running to the shore. "ComE bAcK!" Zak was running after him.
Zelkam and Spifey looked... Evil as well, they looked at Dream.
"Guuuysss...?" He got confused and scared as well.

After a while of chasing, they threw them both in one of the changing rooms.
They were both confused, and stayed a few feet apart, each one on each side of the cabin.

[Sorry this chapter is so random because I have no idea what else to write, this is just a random idea Kiwi gave me and I think I'm doing a bad job so far. And again sorry to anybody who wanted something/someone else]

"This isn't working, let's just give them time" Zak said.
"Lol Zak your matchmaking game doesn't seem to work" Zelkam said, chuckling.


Nothing happened.
They all just left them alone.

Darryl went to buy some drinks, And Zak talked with Zelkam and Spifey.

Tbc I have no idea what else to write please give me ideas I'm running out of them please request something pLeaSe I'm running out of ideas and I think I'll die if I don't get any ideas yeah thanks bye.

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