Chapter 31

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Author's Note: hello! Sorry for the hiatus, I'm finally back!


Friday 6th of July

It was the last day of school. After that day the girls would be seniors, they were both very excited.

They used the same routine that had been going on since September. Santana knocked for Brittany and they drove into school.

That morning's journey was filled with chatter about their plans for the last day. There were celebrations and goodbyes to be had, all mixed into one day. The girls talked over the radio which was playing Beyoncé's 'single ladies'.

When they arrived at school, they parked the car and met Quinn.

"Morning B, hi S." she greeted.

The couple responded with polite smiles and nods. They made their way to the gym and took a seat on the bleachers. They sat at the front. Quinn was the captain of the Cheerios so she took up the important position in the middle and her two best friends sat either side of her.

The gym flooded with cheerleaders as they all took their seats behind the trio. A few minutes later their coach-Sue Sylvester-marched in. The Cheerios all sat up straight in intimidation.

Sue stood in front of them with a scowl. Her facial expression then softened - much to the students surprise - and her body language relaxed.

"Girls, I have called this meeting to thank you all. This year you all did great and I would be honoured for you to come back and rejoin the squad next year. I'd like to give a special thank you to Quinn" she said as she turned to the mentioned blonde. "You have been an exceptional leader and have lead our team to victory."

Quinn beamed up at the woman in the tracksuit. It was rare that the Coach would say something neutral, never mind positive so it was a real treat to see that side of her.

"I hope you aren't going soft on us coach." Santana teased.

"Definitely not sandbags. You girls did good this year but I'll be back to shouting and making you run laps in September. I'm expecting us to win another national title so keep in shape over the summer. I'm not letting any fatties on my squad!" The coach explained.

"And she's back." Santana teased. She appreciated the woman's kind words, even if mean ones followed shortly after.


Next, the girls went to their lockers. The school had come up with the idea to cover the lockers in white paper so students could write messages to each other and everyone could take home the paper to keep.

Santana left a red marker and a black marker by her locker for people to use. Brittany left a whole box of markers in every colour of the rainbow.

"This is a really good idea, I'm excited to see what people will write!" Brittany said enthusiastically. Santana nodded in agreement.

"Here, let me be the first to sign yours." Santana pleaded as she she took the yellow marker (Brittany favourite colour) from Brittany's hand and wrote a message.

She pulled away to look at her own locker where Brittany had written a message. It read:


I love you to the moon and back, this has been the best year of my life and I can't wait to experience senior year with my one true love!

Britt xx

Santana's heart melted at the kind words scrawled across her locker in curly writing. She turned to her side to find Brittany looking back with a similar expression. They were joined in a kiss. Their innocent kiss suddenly turned desperate and sloppy and Santana had to pull away.

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