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AN// ahh part 3/5 of wealthy//g.d,, go read the others before reading this one xx <3

(y/n pov)

"Thanks, y/n," Gray said before pecking you on the lips one last time. You shook your head.

"No problem, good luck," You muttered against his lips. He smiled, ruffling Grant's hair one last time before turning around.

You and Grayson had been dating for a few months now, and you were happy with him. Grayson made you happy, Grant made you happy, being with them made you happy. They came over all the time and Grant had developed a real love for the keyboard. So much, that you'd actually started teaching him.

Grayson had quit his last job, they were ripping him off, not paying him enough for what he did. So today, he was going to check out a construction site. They were hiring and wanted Grayson to come over to see if he fit the job. So you were hanging out with Grant for a couple of hours.

"Are we gonna play the piano?" Grant asked, running over. You smiled.

"It's a keyboard, my love, not nearly as big," Grant sat himself up on the stool and you stood next to him. "It's so nice outside, G, why don't we go to the park?" You asked. He looked up at you with the eyes which he'd definitely inherited from his father, and nodded.

"The park!" He shouted. You smiled, walking over to your kitchen to grab your coffee. "Can we go to the one at school?" He asked. You shrugged nodding.

"Sure why not?" You smiled, grabbing your phone and a book, and heading towards the door. "Ready to go?" He nodded, pulling the front door open.

Grant's school wasn't far from your house, thankfully. It was closer to your place then it was theirs, which was great. You picked Grant up from school often, when Grayson couldn't. "My friend's there!" Grant shouted as you walked close enough. You smiled. "Can I go play with him?" He asked you. You nodded, taking a seat on a bench. Grant ran over to his friend and they played.

You sat on the bench for a bit, just watching Grant play soccer with his friend. You smiled at the thought of him being so happy, so carefree. Leaning back into the bench, you opened your book, getting lost in the chapters.


"Y/N!" You looked up from your book at Grant and his friend. Grant smiled at you. "Can we stay until Ben's mom comes back?" He asked you. You smiled and nodded.

"Why do you call your mom by her name?" Ben asked Grant. Your mouth fell open slightly and Grant's eyes widened.

With a pleading look in his eyes, he looked at you, as Ben awaited an answer. "I let Grant call me whatever he wants," You told Ben. Ben smiled.

"Woah, really?!" Ben's eyes widened. You nodded at him and smiled at both boys. Grant gave you a grateful smile and you kissed his forehead for good measure. They ran off to keep playing.

Ben's mom came soon and you talked to her for a bit before they left. Once Ben had gone, Grant reached up for your hand. You smiled, taking it in yours. "Let's go?" You asked. Grant nodded and you began your walk home.

"Y/N?" Grant asked soon. You looked down. "Where's my mom?" Your eyes widened and you let out a sigh.

"What did your dad say?" You asked. Grant shrugged.

"Dad said she left," You nodded. "But I don't know where," He continued. You stopped walking and bent down to him.

"Neither do we, my love," You said, pulling Grant in for a hug. He hugged you back, still confused.

"Will she come back?" Grant asked. You sighed and pushed the hair off of his forehead. "She's not coming back, huh?" He said quietly. You sighed and hugged him again, holding him close to you.

"I don't know," You whispered, honestly. Grant sighed and you squeezed him tighter.

"Everyone at school has a mom," He said. You pulled away from him. "It's not fair, their mom comes to pick them up and makes them lunches and buys them toys and I don't even have a mom," He grumbled. You kissed his head and tears filled your eyes.

"But you have an amazing dad, right?" Grant nodded. "The best in the whole world," You told him. Grant agreed, and you stood in silence for a moment.

"Y/N?" You nodded, and Grant wiped away the few tears that had rolled down your cheeks. "If I tell you a secret, promise not to get mad at me?" You shook your head and he held out his pinky. Smiling you wrapped yours in his.

"Never," You whispered. He sighed and looked around the park,

"When you come to pick me up, the other kids asked me who you were," He said. You nodded. "I told them you were my mom," He whispered. You looked at him and he looked at his sneakers. A tear fell on your leg as he cried.

"Oh, Grant," You pulled him in for a hug, and he cried into your shoulder. "Shh, it's okay, baby, don't cry," You whispered.

"I'm s-sorry," He stuttered out. You held him close and squeezed him. He pulled away and you wiped away his tears.

"It's okay, you don't have to worry," You told him. He nodded, wiping at his face. You sighed, and stood up, reaching your hand down to him. He took it. "I love you, Grant okay?" You said. He smiled up at you.

"Y/N?" You looked down at him as you walked. You nodded. "Do you love dad?" A smile found itself on your face and you let out a laugh.

"I think I do."


"How'd it go?" You asked Gray as he sat next to Grant on the table. Grant poked at his broccoli and sighed, pushing it around his plate. "You have to eat it, my love," You told him. He frowned at you and your ruffled his hair.

"I got the job!" Gray said. You smiled and Grant clapped. "I start Monday, and construction, holy construction pays so well, y/n," Grayson beamed at you. You smiled at Grayson stood up to hug you.

"I'm proud of you," You said, rubbing Grayson's back. He pulled away and kissed you on the forehead before sitting back next to Grant.

"So, what did you guys do today?" Grayson asked Grant. You placed a plate of vegetables before Grayson and he groaned looking up at you. You shook your head and rolled your eyes.

"We went to the park, and Ben was there!" Grant exclaimed. You smiled, eating your own vegetables. "I had fun!" Grant said. Grayson smiled at you and ruffled Grant's hair.

"And what'd you do, gorgeous?" Grayson asked. You smiled and shrugged.

"Read my book," You told him, blushing. Grant looked between the both of you and Grayson smiled at you.

"Dad?" Grayson quickly turned to Grant and nodded. "Y/N loves you," He told him. Your eyes widened and you dropped your fork to your plate. Grant finished up his last piece of broccoli and took his plate to the sink, reaching up to put his plate in.

You sat wide-eyed at your plate as Grant washed his hands and left the kitchen. You looked up at Grayson who was already staring at you. You looked down at your plate. "Hi," Grayson whispered. You looked up at him. "You love me?" He asked. Your breath hitched in your throat and you looked away, embarrassed to tell him you did.

"Y-yeah," You whispered, nervously. You closed your eyes and you heard him moving. You looked up to see him standing next to you. You stood up awkwardly in front of him, wishing Grant hadn't exposed you like that.

"Well, in that case," You looked up at Grayson, face inches away from yours. He was staring at you, that grin on his face, the one you'd fallen for from day one.

"You don't have to say it if you're not-" Grayson cut off your rambling by pressing his lips to yours. You pulled away, and he smiled at you again.

"I love you too, y/n." 


AN// what a mature 5-year-old grant is :) ahh i love you all <3

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