Chapter 29

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Jorge just stared at him blankly, the words barely running through his head. Fiona eyed the two then looked over to Jorge, unsure of what they were getting at. 

"You're insane. We're not sneaking out of the palace." Jorge squeaked, his words getting higher as he tried to go against Benji's decision. "If your father catches us, I could be fired. And you..." The boy just held eye contact with him, trying to speak without verbal stimulation. 

Benji slid his back against the bookshelves, taking comfort in the little stabilization he received. He realized then that it wasn't about getting the ring without him being aware of it, it was even getting Jorge to come with them. He wasn't worried about Fiona, she'd go with them either way. "Jorge, please. Just trust me on this one. We'll wear wigs...dress up...come on. It'll be fun." He just stared at him longingly before giving in. 

"Fine." He said in a small voice, knowing he wasn't going to change the prince's view anytime soon. Jorge could see a glint of sympathy radiating off of Camilla, but there wasn't much. Don't get him wrong, Jorge liked the two girls, they just seemed in on something that he wasn't in on. 

"Perfect, Camilla, Jorge, you two go grab wigs from the costume room, Fiona you come with me... I've gotta grab something." Jorge just raised an eyebrow and bit his tongue, trying to muster all the shyness to not say anything. "Do you know when the next food supply truck takes off, Jorge?" 

"Eleven-thirty, we've got a half-hour." He drones, getting up to stand next to Camilla. 

And so they're off, with Benji and Fiona heading to his room. "So, why are you doing this? I know there's a reason. You're not the kind of person to do things without reason." She looked up to meet his eyes as they walked, and as Benji kept thinking, love pooled at his eyes. 

"I-I'm getting Jorge something..."


"A promise ring. I know it's stupid but like we haven't been end-game for a while and I want to remind him that I won't stop fighting and-"

"It's cute. And I can help distract him while you get it, Jorge already knows you're hiding something from him."

"Oh." Benji pouted, he didn't realize it could cause emotional strain on Jorge. And so they strode down the halls to grab a wad of cash, Benji growing more fragile by the minute. 

What if he gets so upset about me hiding this from him, that he doesn't take it? 

I mean, I'd deserve it. After what I pulled a few days ago, pushing him to the side for Fiona. 

Hopefully, he knows it hurt me as much as it hurt him. 

They grabbed the cash, enough money just in case. Who knows what trouble they could get themselves in. Benji just prayed nothing like that would happen. 


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