(2) The God Complex

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'Telepathic Communication'

We were walking down the hallway, my Doctor taking the lead, with me at the rear both of us keeping a close eye on the humans and the Tivolian pushing Joe his mouth still taped shut. Theta stopped, looking about with the feeling we had now somehow changed direction.

"Personally, I think you've got the right idea," the Tivolian mentions to Joe, "Times like this, I think of my old school motto. 'Resistance Is Exhausting.'"

"I've worked out where we are," Howie now tells Rory as they walk in front of me.



"Norway?" I couldn't help but ask.

Howie gave a nod and turned to me, taking a step backwards, "You see, the US government has entire cities hidden in the Norwegian mountains. You see, Earth is on a collision course with this other planet, and this is where they're going to send all the rich people when it kicks off."

"Amazing," Rory gave his head a shake.

"It's all there on the internet."

"No, it's amazing you've come up with a theory even more insane than what's actually happening."

Suddenly the door of room 158 opened and a PE teacher came out stepping in front of Theta, "Hello," he greeted the man, eyed the man unsure what he would do.

"Have you forgotten your PE kit again?" the teacher shouted just as everyone now stopped to watch, "Right, that's it, you're doing it in your pants!"after that he just headed back into the room.

Theta frowned at this, before I suddenly let out a gasp a series of visions coming to me...

Joe was standing in a hallway, with his arms stretched out wide as a dark shadow gained on him.

Howie stumbles into a hallway his laughter manic, running towards a creature that couldn't be made out right at the end of a corridor.

Rita turned and was grinning, threw back her head as she let whatever it was take her...

I gasp coming back out of it, not even having noticed Theta had come over to me sensing I've had a vision, out the corner of my eye I see Howie reaching for the door handle of 155, "No, Howie don't!" once I got to him it was too late.

He had opened the door.

There was a gaggle of young pretty women around Howie's age who had began to laugh once they see him, "Oh, look, girls, it's H-H-H-Howie!" a blonde said with a gasp.

"What's loser in K-K-K-Klingon?" a brunette jokes.

Howie stutters quickly backing away, "Shut the d-d...the-the door!" Theta quickly comes to his aid, "This is just some m-m messed up CIA stuff, I'm, I'm, I'm telling you."

"It's okay Howie," I put a reassuring hand on his arm and gave it a squeeze before slipping it off.

Theta now went to put an arm around his shoulder and lightly patted him on the chest, "You're right. Keep telling yourself that. It's a CIA thing, nothing more," he turned leading Howie onward, Rory and myself following behind.

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