~Blush. Blush. Blush~

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Sanskar's POV~

"I... I... Sanskar, I will meet you tomorrow." She whispered nervously

I chuckled again on her shyness, "Ok, Swara, bye!"

God! Such an adorable girl she is!

She always evokes that feeling of hugging her tightly. I quickly stuffed my file and laptop in my bag and left the office. Now the main question is...

Where should I take her?

Till I have known her, she is a very simple girl. I should take her somewhere, which is simple yet sober. My lips widened upwards as the place clicked in my mind. I bet she will love that place. I soon reached home.

As soon as I stepped at the main door, Gunjan jumped a like kangaroo infront of me.

"So?" She asked, smiling widely. I knew what she is talking about! I looked around and saw my family sitting in the hall.

"So?" I questioned ger back, raising my one eyebrow. She put her hands on her waist and asked again, "Don't act! Did you ask her?"

"At least let me enter the house!" I replied while standing at the doorstep.

"Nope! First, answer me, then you can enter."

God! Why this little devil is so stubborn!!

"I did," I answered softly.

Her face lightened up brightly, "What was her answer?"

"She said yes." I murmured.

She happily jumped on the floor, "Really Bro! Where will you take her?"

I narrowed my eyes at her, "Why should I tell you?" She narrowed her eyes at me and crossed her hands across her chest, "Because I don't trust you! What if you take her to your office for a date?"

I looked at her as if she had grown two horns on her head!

I am not that unromantic that I will take Swara to the office!

I put my hand on her forehead and pushed her back slightly, "Shut up, little devil!

"That's so mean bhai!" She shouted while trying to match my long strides.

"I know!" I smirk looking at her frowned face. Unexpectedly, I was pushed down on the couch. I looked up and saw Laksh bhai standing infront of me with crossed hands across his chest. He sat beside me, and Gunjan sat on the other side.

"Now tell us, where are you taking her?" He asked in a bossy tone.

"It's my date with my fiancee! Why should I tell you?" I retorted back.

"My fiancee, not bad Mr Sanskar Maheshwari! Good improvement" Gunjan teased.

"If you won't tell us then we will postpone your engagement to next month." Laksh bhai warned. I looked at him with my wide eyes. He was looking dead serious. I then shifted my gaze to Gunjan, who was giving a surprised look to bhai. It means this isn't any prank of theirs.

I took a sigh, "Caffe D'Souza" I whispered. Both of them looked at me with their bulged eyes.

"Wow! I mean, I never knew that my brother could be this romantic!" Gunjan exclaimed.

I tried to control my smile, "Now can I go?"

"Aye Haye! This blush" Bhai teased.

I kept my one hand on my face and rubbed it a little while taking a big sigh. "Can I please go to my room?" I asked, looking at them.

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