Chapter 12- Pool Day ❤️

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It's now been a week and a half since I met that boy

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It's now been a week and a half since I met that boy. My brothers are still questioning on me what he said, its getting really annoying but I try and shrug it off.

I wake up, with my mac book at the side and me covered in my white sheets, ever since that night that Dylan came and turned of my mac book ect. He has been doing it every night. But I'm not. Complaining. I smile and get my phone of me bed side table. I also have a quick drink of water. I take my phone and go into my bathroom. But on my go to play list and start to get ready. We all decided last night that we are going to have a pool day. You see, I'm now not allowed in the garden on my own because my brothers are scared. I can look after my self and it anoys me. But I shrug it of and go to get my swim stuff. For swimming I have this bikini. It's not showing alot tho. It's a plam tree leaves at the top and just a black bottom piece. But the top piece is of the sholder and it is quite long so it doesn't show lot of stomach. Just a bit. I brushed my teeth and washed my face, I brushed my hair and put it into two braids. I put an oversized t-shirt over it and looked in the mirror. Other than, it looks like I have not got any pants on I look brilliant. I grab my towel and go down for breakfast. I get down and see all my brothers and step brothers already eating breakfast. I smile and me and I smile back.
"Rose, have you got pants on!" Danny says. I laugh and very one turns their head to me. I look and them and roll my eyes.
"Of course I have! I've got my swim suit on!" I say as I go grab a smoothie from the fridge. I sit down inbetween Emmet and Logan, while they are eating pancakes. Logan put his arms out, for a hug but I slipped away. I laughed as he fell of his chair. Then one by they all stumbled upstairs to get ready for swimming. Dad and Lydia are at work so they will not be joining us but eh. It will still be fun! I met Dylan in the kitchen and we both went to set up the pool area, I helped him take of the cover for the pool and put some sun chairs out, when everyone else started to run out and canon-ball into the pool. I laugh as I take of my t-shirt.
"What are you wearing?" Dylan asks, I roll my eyes at him and say
"My swim suit, duh!" while going to jump into the pool. I jumped in and splashed everyone in the pool. In the pool was: Logan, Lean, Jack, Jake, Xvay, Emmet and Brandon. The rest were claiming their seats around the pool. I laugh as I reach the surface. They all whipe the water of themselves, which I just splashed them with and laughed too. We are playing around when a football drops on my head. I catch it and look over the the fence to see the same boy, Danny comes over and jumps on my back, then he looks over to the fence.
"Guys!" He says and gets all of the boys attention. I roll my eyes and look back to see all of the guys glaring at the boy.
"Ahh the cutie is here again!" he says and my face drops, did he really just say that in front of my brothers and step brothers. He's gunna die. All of the boys turn red, even Danny but I throw him back in the pool so he is not on my back.
"Here's your ball!" I say and get out of pool to throw it. I throw it to him and he whistles to me.
"Cute body you got there!" He says as he goes back into his house. All my brother are still glaring at the fence. I sigh and grab my towel of Dylan seat and storm of inside. I mean, yes I was annoyed that he called me out on my body but I don't know why the boys are mad! It's me who should be, not them. I get into my room and take a shower, washing my hair and putting it into a messy bun. I get a hoodie on and some black shorts. I lay on my bed and then my phone dings. I don't have the energy to get up to I move my hand to where I think my phone is and try to grab it. After about 15 attempts, I grab it and open it up.
Billy: I'm sorry for your loss Princess. I hope your OK, we will definitely stay in touch and I'm always here for ya girl xx
Me: Lav ya! ❤️
I sent the text. And someone knocked on my door.
"Come in!" I shouted and in came dad. I smiled at him and laid my. He came and sat next to me, rubbing my arm.
"Are you OK Rose?" He says.
"Yeah, I guess. The boys are being annoying and everything in my life is going wrong. I cant do anything right." I say as I stuff my face into a pillow. That was so put of character of me, my mother always told me to save the tears and the ranting for your pillow. And to not let anyone see your weaknesses. But I couldnt help it. My dad pulled me into a hug and some tears roll down my face. Too many things are going wrong. First, I got into a car accident. Then my mother died. I moved to California away from my best friend Billy. I'm living with 11 boys a new mother and my father who left when I was 7. He let's me out of the hug and I smile at him.
"Food is downstairs, everyone is down there. Come down princess!" He says as he gets up and leaves. I whipe my tears and go to check my face in the mirror. Under my eyes are a bit red but I decide to go downstairs. I walk down to see everyone at the table. I smile at Lydia and my father as I sit in between Danny and Xvay. I start to eat the food but only eat a quarter when some one speaks up.
"You ok Rose?" I can tell its Collin from his voice. I nod and get up to go upstairs, I can't deal with anyone right now. I've got some food in my room. Like a packet of crisps so if I get hungry tonight I'll eat that. I close my door and let out of a breath I didn't even know I was holding. I flop onto my bed and decide to call Billy.
(B-Billy R-Rose)
B-Hey are you OK?
R-I don't know, just I need some one to talk to and I could think of anyone better than you
B-Im free all night princess I'm good to talk. What's going on.
R-Everything in my fricking life is going wrong and I don't know what to do
B-Ok just breath Rose, you have been through alot and I'm sure it's just PTSD. Calm down its OK.
R-Thanks Bils.
B-Im always here princess.
R-Thanks, I'm gunna go and try get some sleep, Lav ya Bils.
B-Lav ya Rose.
I end the call and grab my Mac book. I turn it on watch stranger things. I watch it for about 1 hour and then I feel ym eyes get heavy, I shut my Mac book and put it to one side of my bed, and let sleep take me. Just hope that tomorrow is better. As it is the first day of school.
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