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Yoo Jeongyeon and Im Nayeon have been best friends since they were 7.

No matter how hard Jeongyeon tries to get Nayeon to notice her feelings she has finally given up.

For the past 3 years of Highschool, Nayeon dated 17 guys. Every time she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, She would break up with him. Nayeon dates people...Because she wants to. She doesn't like them nor loves them.

Jeongyeon was tired of this routine. She hated this side of Nayeon. She never admitted to Nayeon she was Gay. Of course not, Nayeon would, of course, be disgusted and avoid her.

Until one day as she got back home. She told herself that she was ready to confess. She opened the door and saw her best friend...Jeon Taehyun and Nayeon doing "it" on her owned bed. Jeongyeon's eyes widen and jaw dropped.

She immediately closed the door and ran to the roof which was 23 floors from their apartment. Of course, she couldn't handle it. It was like a million truths stabbed her. Jeongyeon cried her heart while screaming.

She was tired. It was like the 100th time she saw Nayeon doing it with someone

"Why do I have to deserve this?! I've been with her for 10 Years!"

Jeongyeon crutched down and held her shirt. She could feel her heart breaking into a thousand pieces with only her knowing.

"IT HURTS! I wished I never lived... I wish--But I can't I love her too much. I spent half of my life with her...I waited for FREAKING 10 YEARS! I LOVED HER FOR FREAKING 10 YEARS."

"i-it's too much to handle...it too much...Nayeon is Straight and there's no way she will be in love with me...The truth hurts..." She mumbled under her breath

Jeongyeon stood up again and climbed over the fence separating the roof from the sky. Jeongyeon took one small step. 2 more steps and She'll be free from pain. 2 more steps she'll never see Nayeon again.

But before Jeongyeon could take another step she heard a loud bang. It wasn't from a gun. It wasn't from an explosion. She turned around to find a girl panting. Sweats dripping down her chin and knees weakening.

"J-Jeongyeon D-don't!" Jeongyeon quickly wipes his tears as she realized who was it.

"Don't do what?" Jeongyeon asks.

The girl looked at Jeongyeon again and got flustered. She really thought Jeongyeon thought of dying...

Jeongyeon jumped down and walked towards her. "Don't worry, I would never do that." Jeongyeon lied as she patted the girls head.

"Yah!" She wined. "Anyways, Let's go... Minari." Jeongyeon said and held Mina's hand.


Nayeon's POV

I woke up and looked around and noticed Jeongyeon wasn't here. 'Huh? did she already wake up?' I thought. I felt something heavy under the blanket. I looked under and saw Taehyun sleeping--Half-naked.

Taehyun's phone started vibrating. Notifications began showing like crazy. I unlocked his phone and scrolled thru his messages.

CHICK12: Hey babe, let's have a date at 4 P.M. I Really miss you❤💕💕❤❤💋💋.

CHICK4: Later 8. come to my house.

After a few minutes of me reading 12 texts from 12 different 'CHICKS', I pushed him off the bed waking him up in pain.

"YAH! Nayeon why the hell did you push me off?" He said rubbing his back.

"Oh...I don't know maybe that 12 of your "Chicks" would like to have a date later. What am I chick58?" I sarcastically said.

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