Chapter 49

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[Prepare yourselves with some tissues because this chapter be sad! Let me know in the comments what you think of the chapter and vote for it please! ]

Alec and I both walked together out of his room. Every shadowhunter that was walking by was wearing white. I sighed and walked to the hall where I saw Izzy, Simon and Jace. There was no sign of Luke and when I looked at Simon, he shrugged. I wasn't able to call him or text him. I just hoped he would be here with us. We needed him. I needed him.

"Clary..." Izzy whispered as she looked at me.

"I know. I look horrible." I said with a weak smile. She shook her head and hugged me. I kept a straight face and tried to keep my tears in which surprisingly worked.

"We are here together." Jace said softly as he hugged me. I closed my eyes as my big brother held me tightly. He was the only family that I had left. No one else was there. Valentine was my father and Jonathan was my brother but neither of them felt like family. Especially after what they had done to our mother.

"I know." I said but it came out as a whisper. Alec was with me the whole time. He didn't walk away from me. He just stood where I was.

"Everyone gather together." I heard one silent brother say. I was still not able to tell the difference between who they were. They looked similar to me. I looked behind me to see if Luke was coming but the only one I saw was my mother's friends, including Magnus. He smiled at me and I weakly smiled back. It was like I had no power when it came to smiling.

"Can the relatives of lost ones come forward." I heard them say. My heart pained. I felt Alec grabbing my hand.

"I will be right here." He whispered as he stared into my eyes and I nodded. Together with Jace, I walked towards the corpse of my mother. A white blanket was covering her whole body but her red hair somehow managed to be visible. I was standing next to her and I couldn't breathe.

"Easy." Jace whispered as he held me tightly and I nodded. I had no idea who the other shadowhunters were and I felt bad. They called out their names and white sparkling came out of their bodies. It went up in the sky and dissolved. It looked as they were going to heaven.

"Jocelyn Fair-" I said but I couldn't. I broke down and cried. Jace held me and cried into his chest. He sighed.

"Jocelyn Fairchild." Jace said and the same white sparkling came out of her. I cried and cried as there was a never-ending to it. It was like all the oxygen in my body was fading away. I couldn't breathe. I choked on my sobs and I saw Alec running towards me.

"Hey... hey... It's okay." He said as I was breaking down. I screamed and I felt the power inside of me.

"No!" I screamed and I quickly pushed myself away from Alec. Jace and Alec were looking at me in shock as I screamed at them.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME. I DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU." I screamed again. The power inside of me was increasing.

"Clary!" Alec shouted before I ran out of the hall. I ran out of the institute and didn't stop until I was on the graveyard.

I was hurting so many people. I hurt Simon and if I didn't walk into Jace's life, he would have had our mother still. Everything that I touched was getting destroyed. The power that I had inside of me. I couldn't control it. It was a matter of time before I broke what Alec and I had.

"THIS IS NOT FAIR!" I screamed and I was shouting more at the angels than anyone else. They were powerful enough to stop all of this but it was like they liked to see us go through this. They could change this but they didn't.

"YOU CAN FIX THIS BUT YOU DON'T!" I screamed again. I was getting tired of it and I felt my voice fading away each time I screamed. I cried and cried. My cheeks were completely wet.

"Why is this happening to me?" I asked as I fell onto my knees on the grass. I cried loudly as I looked down and then again looked up.

"WHY!" I screamed and I felt an energy source coming out of me. It moved every tree and I saw some birds flying away from the shock.

"Clary!" I heard Alec shout. I looked up in his direction and I shook my head as I was moving away.

"I will hurt you! Stay away from me!" I shouted as the wind was growing stronger because of me. The leaves were going around in circles. Alec shook his head as he was getting closer.

"I know you. You won't hurt me!" He shouted. It was hard to hear him because of the wind but I calmed down as he was getting closer to me. He held my hand as he looked at me.

"You see. You won't hurt me." He said and I looked at him with watery eyes. I nodded and I felt the power again fading away.

"You won't hurt me." He whispered again as he pulled me into a hug. I held him as I closed my eyes and started to cry again. Alec just held me tightly and breathed out.

"You will be okay. I promise you. You will get through this." He said and I just shook my head.

"I won't." I said as my voice was breaking down.

"I know you will." He said again and I sobbed.

"Clary! Alec! Watch out!" Izzy said. Both of us looked up and saw Liz together which I assumed was my father. I felt the anger inside of me building up when I saw Liz's small smirk on her face.

Izzy held her whip out and caught Liz with it. She fell down and I wanted to run to get my father but Alec stopped me. Annoyed, I looked at him as he was shaking his head at me. I heard Valentine laugh which made me angrier.

"Leave me!" I shouted as my power was again turned off it pushed Alec away from me. Alec looked at me and I turned myself around to my father and Liz.

"You are going to die." I said throughout my teeth as I felt the rage inside of me increasing. I walked over to Liz who was still on the ground.

Her seraph blade was on the ground and she was far away from it. I saw the fear on Liz's face which somehow made me feel happy when it shouldn't. Liz was crawling back a bit and I took the seraph blade in my hand.

"You killed my mother and you dare to show up on her funeral!" I shouted at her. I only saw red and what I wanted to do was killing her. I wanted her dead. I slit her arm a bit when I hit her with the seraph blade. Liz winced.

"You will die and suffer as my mother did." I said and I slit her other arm. When I finally was about to stab her in her stomach someone pushed me away from her. When I looked up, I saw Jace. Is he joking me right now?

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