chap 1

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" you shouldn't have taken such a decision jeon"
" but hyung I think it's time for me to do it"
" very well then .......Welcome "

" ugghhhh not again" I yelled as my alarm rang for the fifth time.
After doing my morning routine I quickly set off to my college.

I love reading about mythical creatures and being in an imaginary world, the feeling always excites me. Even the smallest of things , I believe has some magic in it, I see the world with different perspective.

Entering into my boring college once again , I instantly felt a gush of warmness, the weather has been chilly these days, with no sunlight for days.
I kind of actually like such weather, it just calms me in a certain way.
Getting the stuff from my locker I was about to move towards the class when I accidentally bumped into someone, " oh crap , I am so sorry. "
I quickly picked up the books the person dropped and as soon as our eyes met an unexplainable feeling took over.
Those perfect blue eyes drowned me as if its like a deep ocean, those red lips and that pale skin, never in my life I've seen such beautiful features.
The moment lasted short as the guy pushed me lightly away from him , the softness on his face immediately disappearing into something wild.
Taken a back I was about to say something but was cutoff by another handsome voice.

" jungkook " the voice said as the boy's expressions were back to normal. The other walked towards me and said, " hey y/n , nice to see you"
" its nice to see you too jin oppa" I bowed showing a way of respect towards my senior, " he's jungkook my cousin" he introduced me , as I smiled in his direction.
He just gave me a glare and leaving.
"Oh" I was shocked at his rudeness when jin spoke " he's a bit anti social, I'll take a leave now" he said going into the same direction.

Well another weirdo in this college, amazing.
To start of with there's these six boys who are my seniors with extraordinary charms all having pale skins and always stick around with each other, they hardly speaks to anyone however I once got hurt by tripping and this senior Kim seokjin helped me, he studies in the medical department and is the easiest to talk to , other five keeps on poker faces all day long,and another addition to this pack of handsome dudes is this boy named jungkook whose rudest of them all.

The day started off and teachers burdened us with lots of assignments, this jungkook guy gave me nasty stares all day as if I was his enemy of I look stupid or bad , I don't know it confused me .
The day was about to end , just one more class and then I'd be free, but my life was ruined when I was paired up with jungkook to be my seatmate for the whole semester.

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