Chapter 31

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~Andy's POV~

The bell chimed and the lesson was finally over.
Brook and I did hardly any work. Instead he wanted me to talk to him about Rye. So I complied. Telling him everything about him. How his hair sits on his head as if it was carved from stone, perfect in every single way. How his eyes sparkled when the sun hit them just right. How his smile could light up a room and his laugh could get everyone to laugh along with him.

He was genuinely happy for me. And that made me smile so much. To know that someone was supporting me, it felt nice.
But now I was making my way down out of the classroom to meet up with Rye. I was pretty sure that he had skipped classes for the day, so I started to head to the place that I left him. Our dorm.
It wasn't too far from class, so I knew it wouldn't be long before I saw him again.
But before I had even made it past my classes door, I felt a hand take mine.

Whoever it was, started to pull me backward through the crowd of people coming out of their classes. I had little time to turn around and see who it was. Eventually, I managed to turn myself around so I could not only walk better, but see who was dragging me behind them. I recognized the back that was in front of me, so I must have known them. It must be someone that I know, someone I trusted. My mind ran in circles, trying to think about who it could be, until I came up with only one answer.

The boys bathroom was coming up and I realized that was where I was being taken by the boy holding my hand.
As soon as we made it into the surprisingly empty bathroom, I was shoved up against the door. The boy in front of me smirked.
He can also smile, for sure he can, it was a part of him that I fell in love with, but it is his smirk that sends me over the edge.

His cheeks would lift up on either side, ever so slightly. Depending on what he wanted, his eyebrows would either crease together and his eyes would squint if he was being cheeky. Or he would raise his eyebrows completely and purse his lips when he knew we was doing things to me.
I surprised myself that I knew all of this, I had only known him for a few days, but it felt as if it had known him for an eternity.

I loved the way he made me feel. Warm and fuzzy inside. Like I could do anything. When I was with him, the world didn't matter anymore. It all faded away until it was just us. Together. I felt special when we were together. He made me feel like that. Like I was the only other person in the world. Like I mattered to him.

The boy - "Where were we?" He questioned.
Andy - "A little impatient are we?" I smiled at the familiar face.
The boy smirked and locked the door behind me, before softly pressing his lips against mine.
Andy - "You... never... answered... me" I said between kisses.
Rye - "Shut up and kiss me"
And with those few words, I did.

I closed my eyes and breathed him in. He tasted like dark chocolate and chili, with a twist of lemon. Even more delicious with every new kiss. The flavors constantly developed and I couldn't get enough of him. I allowed him to explore my mouth with his tongue. It traveled everywhere around, exploring every inch.
Rye - "Jump baby" He whispered into my lips.

Once again I complied and wrapped my legs around his hips. Our lips were still connected as he carried me over to the sinks...

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