Chapter Five: Impression

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Chapter Five Part Two -- Impression


My head was throbbing. My brain felt like it was jumping on a trampoline, and my jaw ached from having it clenched all night long. Last night was so fucked up and I shouldn't have gone out with Tony like I did. I wanted to give him a major fuck you for the migraine that's come over me as if it was his fault and not my own. Part of me knew that it was a terrible idea but I couldn't help chase the chaos. I couldn't help that Tony was thrilling to hang around because he understood the temptations of doing bad things.

I didn't even really remember what happened toward the end. Maybe I wasn't as mad at Tony as I was supposed to be. I certainly felt like I had little to no respect for him - not like that's ever changed before.

    I was awake, but I refused to open my eyes. I didn't even know how I got home last night. My arm was extended out and off the living room couch and my hand wrapped around a bottle of I believed to be alcohol. Where in the hell did I even get this from? Everything was such a blur but I had suspicions that one of us had a bright idea to steal from the bar.

Fuck me and this fuckery of a hangover.

    I heard keys clinking together and an unfamiliar female voice mumble under her breath outside the door. I instantly grew annoyed by the unfamiliar sounds. Still though, I lied in my same position, in too much pain to get up and too tired to even move.

She opened and closed the door behind her and I heard a small gasp come out of her mouth, along with a small shuffle in her feet. Who the fuck was that?

Then, silence.

    "Stop staring at me..." I muttered, annoyed by the change of energy in the room. Annoyed by the stranger who made an unwelcome appearance. Annoyed that I was awake.

She didn't say anything though, but instead remained quiet and in the same position she'd been in since she officially let herself in the house.

The girl still stood there, doing absolutely nothing. Perhaps her feet were glued there and she was stuck. Unable to move or even make a noise. Or perhaps she was standing over me with a gun in her hand, contemplating sparing my life. I wouldn't be surprised over the gun, but more so because a man made a woman do his dirty work for him, whereas I'd like to see his face in person.

It felt like she had been standing there for an eternity.

I already knew what I'm in for.

"Hey!" Lacey's voice from the other side of the room popped through along with quick pitter-patter. "How are you doing?!"

The stranger cleared her throat quietly. Perhaps she was a mute, or someone cut her tongue out in the past, and that's the reason she wasn't talking. Maybe she was deaf and signing to Lacey.

Does Lacey even know sign language?

"Uh... Wow, okay. Um..." Lacey rambled. Classic Lacey. "I don't even know..." She continued, her voice filled with confusion. "Thank you for the coffee, I think I'm going to need it." If anyone were really close to her like I was, would know that behind that voice was the voice of panic and uncertainty.

"It's not a problem," her soft voice finally announced.

I moved my arms and rest them over my face in a criss cross motion, attempting to block out the noise and light.

    It was at this point where I would love to say something completely insensitive but I felt like I wasn't particularly in the best position. Seeing as I couldn't even hear properly because my head was making a pounding, throbbing affect on my brain. I was probably the reasoning that Lacey was freaking out, it may be best that I didn't poke the bear, even though in my usual state, I absolutely would.

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