Dear Wattpad, Have a Snickers

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Dear Wattpad, have a snickers bar; you get stupid when you're hungry. 


Okay, now, sit down. We need to talk. I've seen your grades and I am very disappointed. Oops, wrong talk. Sigh, I've found your letter and I want you to know that I- oops, wrong again. What was it again? Oh right, now I remember.

Look Wattpad, I know you're getting older and I know you're starting to feel a certain way. You're going through some changes inside and you're confused I'm sure. This is natural I assure you. There's probably pressure on you from some of your peers to change yourself and you're feeling insecure and out of place. Just as well, you probably want to make certain changes and do certain things to impress "someone" ahem (wink wink), and so it's driving you to make a lot of dumb choices.

Yes, DUMB. D-U-M-B. It's not a bad word, so please don't flag me for it again, that really hurt my feelings. Now, I think we can all agree your decisions lately have not had the best results. Your fans are quite upset with how you've been behaving. Taking things without warning, forcing people to have things they don't want, playing mean tricks on people, deleting peoples' works, crashing multiple times a day,  ignoring your fans and more.

Now, Wattpad, we all love you very much, in fact some of us have sacrificed a great deal of our personal lives (studies, home life, social life, etc) to dedicate time to you. We enjoy the services you provide and enjoy contributing whatever we can to make everything a pleasant experience for others. We love the uniqueness you have as opposed to some other sites and the great balance of author/reader friendly sevices as well as the bit of social advantages. HOWEVER, you are NOT a social networking site; you are a writing/reading site with social capabilities. For that reason, many of us are displeased to see you trying to be something you're not.

The new layouts that you are so proudly boasting about and forcing onto everyone are hated by the vast majority of people here. We understand you just want to be cool, fresh, and keeping up with the styles of other sites. But listen Wattpad, we don't love you for that, we love you for who you are. We love that you're different. That you're special. But now, you're so worried about trying to be cool and innovative, that you're messing up so many good things about yourself and making so many people dislike you. You may be thinking you're making yourself better so that new people will like you, but you're making present people HATE you. I don't want to hurt your feelings with some of the things some people have said about you, but they're not nice. You're making a lot of people upset and their patience is running out.

Let me be blunt. The new profile design is awful. It's utter bovine feces. Absolute garbage. We don't like it, we don't dislike it, WE HATE IT. Many of us have considered leaving because of it. And some of us have joined other sites on the side because of it. Is that something that makes you happy? Do you like that people are leaving you to go to other sites? 

You're probably wondering, "What could possibly be so bad about the new layout design that it's causing such a backlash?" Well, let me explain.

1) Rounded numbers! On our stories and for some on their profiles regarding their followers. It may seem insignificant to you but we value every read we get and every follower we have, so we'd like to know just how many there are, without estimation. Thank you.

2) The votes, comments, and messages are jumbled on the message board. Dude, you've mixed up our newsfeeds and activities with the the messageboard worse than my headphones are tangled in my pocket. Stop. Please.

3) This new, "fresh"  design is more suited towards being social and less suited towards writing and reading, the original purpose.  I think someone's confused, do you need to see a therapist?

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