Chapter 97

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I'm going out with Blake today and I'm so excited...

Even though I didn't have to be at the studio today, I went in because I needed something to do until I see Blake later.

While I was making up random choreography, my phone buzzed. I went to check it and smiled when I saw who it was.

blake ☺️❤️: Hey beautiful. I can't wait to see you later

His message only made me smile harder.

me: i can't wait to see you too.

After I replied, I looked through my music to find a song to dance to. I picked "Hey Daddy" by Usher because I'm in love with that song.

I hit play and just listened to the beginning for a while.

I just wanna get your attention

I really wanna be all up in your head

'Cause what I got, you gon' wanna get some

But girl that's only if you ain't scared

I started dancing and I finally felt like myself. I was so lost in the song, I didn't even notice when Tyreke & Jordan walked in.

"'Hey Daddy,' huh?" Jordan smirked, "someone's back to her old self."

"She's just happy she & Blake are getting back together," Tyreke said, poking my side.

"Shut up," I said, playfully slapping his arm while trying to hide my smile.

"Bri, you're so cute," Jordan said.

I smiled a little and stopped the music. I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed my keys.

"Well, I'm gonna go. I'll see y'all tomorrow," I said.


I left the studio and went home to get ready.


After I got dressed, I went in the kitchen to get some water. While I was waiting, someone knocked on the door. Assuming it was Blake, I rushed over to the door and opened it.

"Hey Briana. I told you I would find you," Curtis said with a smirk.

I ran to my room to call the police but before I could dial the number, I felt something strike me in the back of the head and I was knocked out.



I'm glad Briana agreed to go out with me today...

As I was getting ready to leave, I decided to call Briana to let her know I was coming. The phone rang & rang, but she never picked up.

Maybe she forgot.

I tried calling her again, but she still didn't answer. I decided to call Monique to see if she's heard from her.

mo: hello?

me: is Bri with you?

mo: no. aren't y'all supposed to be doing something today?

me: yeah. I called her, but she's not answering her phone.

mo: that's weird. did you go by the house?

me: no.

mo: go to the house and see if she's there. she's probably just listening to her music really loud.

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