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(y/n pov)

"You guys better have an explanation for this," You said, walking into the kitchen,  hands on your hips. They grinned up at you, all of them with flour all over them. You sighed.

"We have three, baby, you get to pick," Ethan said, a smirk on his face. You shook your head and wiped the flour off the counter with a finger, leaving a stripe. You sighed and looked up at the 2 four-year-old's, sitting on the counter. "We got carried away," Ethan explained. You rolled your eyes.

"How does a kitchen even get THIS messy?" You asked looking around. Ethan chuckled and you turned to glare at him. The boys giggled.

"We-" You gave him a look and Ethan shut up quickly.

There was flour everywhere, and even that was an understatement. Chocolate chips were scattered around the floor, and by the looks of it, what didn't end up on the floor had ended up in their mouths. There were two eggs cracked on the floor right in front of the fridge and to top it all off, a pan of burnt cookies on the counter.

"Sorry, mommy," Liam said. You sighed and shook your head. You looked over at the twins, both covered in flour and had chocolate all over their mouths. "Wanna cookie?" He asked innocently, pointing to the pan next to Ethan.

Ethan nodded and picked the pan up, holding it up for you. "We made them all by our selves," Caleb told you proudly. You slapped a hand to your forehead as you shook your head. Ethan gave you a guilty smile.

"We love you?" Ethan tried. You raised your eyebrows and he immediately stepped back from the hug he was about to give you.

"I swear I'm never leaving you alone with the twins ever again," You said. Ethan's eyes widened ad you rolled your eyes. "I went to the grocery store for not even an hour and I come back to-" You groaned, finishing off your rant.

"They're my kids too, I have the right to bake cookies with them," He said with a smile. You rolled your eyes and shook your head.

"You call those cookies?" You asked, pointing at the burnt lumps on the pan. He laughed and poked at it. You laughed too, shaking your head. "Okay, you boys need a bath," You said to the twins. They looked at you and shook your head.

"Hey, you guys gotta listen to her," Ethan told them, pointing at you. "She's the boss."

The twins shook their heads and protested as you and Ethan picked them up. "No, I'm clean, mommy, see?" You looked over at Liam who was now in your arms. You shook your head,

"No fair! Daddy needs to shower too," Caleb complained. You laughed at him, trying to crawl out of Ethan's grip.

"Daddy'll shower after you two," You told him. He glared at you as Ethan walked into the bathroom. Setting Caleb turned to you. "No, no, you stay here and watch them, I'LL go get the stuff," You told him with a smile. Ethan groaned as you set Liam down, leaving the bathroom, closing the door behind you,

You walked into the room you shared with Ethan to get the things the boys needed to shower. Clean towels, soap, shampoo, and the bubbles, which you hid up in your room so the boys wouldn't get their hands on it. Oh, and the cute little robes that you had insisted that they needed and made Ethan buy.

Walking into the bathroom, the twins were already in the bathtub, clothes in the hamper, and staring at the clear water. You closed the door walking in, their eyes lighting up at the sight of the bubbles in your hands.

Ethan was sat cross-legged in front of the tub, ready to grab either one them if they decided to jump out. You smiled as Caleb reached for the bucket of bath toys on the floor. Ethan grabbed them for him and dumped it into the clear water. "Bubbles!" Liam exclaimed as he saw you put down the towels on the counter. Ethan turned to you.

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