Angel Falling ~Intro~

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He'd said he loved me, though I annoyed him, ignored him, rejected him and even went so far as to kiss his older brother who he'd had an inferior complex towards.

Though he still said he loved me and accepted me.

I felt happy and first.

But then he broke my heard and treated me like a piece of trash, cheated on me, and even dumped me in a humiliating way.

When asked for an explaination he replied that he'd only wanted me cause he couldn't have and when he had me: he triumphed over me and my self esteem and didn't need me anymore.

Turned he was hard core player and I was putty in his hands........

Now I'm broken and I have no one to blame but myself for falling for all his tricks.

I don't understand what I had done tohim, but what ever it was he only approached to turn me into something I wasn't made me guilty of hurting, when really he didn't feel a thing and then treated me as he saw me: worthless..........

Though I'll have to put all that into my past and move on.

Because what else can a girl that has already been born with a short life span do?


I'd been born with an unexplainable sickness and had been very sick when I was little, though soon the doctors allowed my parents to let me live the little time I had left as I normal teenager and my time was almost up.

I only wished that I could found my real family and said my goodbyes before the day I will officially part with this world.

You see I was an orphan and the two people I call parents adopted me when they heard about my sickness, unlike all others who'd only adopt healthy children.

And it's thanks to them that I'd had this time to enjoy my life as a regular teen or else I would have been dead a long time ago.

My name is Angel not because I am an angel but because I mean the world to my adoptive parents and can hear them crying night after I leave the room.

I try not to trouble them too much, but I can't make them happy either because I can't live past the amount of I am due to die since my sickness is not one that could be diagnosed or operated or even analyzed no matter how much money put in.

We should know since my parents are billionaires and have even tried offering all they'd got and even selling ALL of their homes just for a cure, but no such luck.

Thus this is my life~Or should I say: This is what's left of my life span.........



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