Mission interrupted

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Oscars pov

I watch the alley like a hawk, I just needed to nab a woman, early 20s late teens, dead or alive for Hugo. A low, long whistle pulls me from my mission and I turn from my spot on the fire escape.

I turn with a low smile, pointing my gun at the person behind the glass. The man stares at me oddly, barely moving in time to dodge the shot to his face. I sigh and look out at the dark alley before kicking away the rest of the glass.

As my boots hit the floor, a gun is pressed to my temple and the safety clicks off. "Oscar?" An oddly familiar voice speaks, shock in his tone. I smirk playfully at the dirty wall Im facing. "Thats my name, don't wear it out." I hiss before swiftly disarming him.

I stare down the bald man, his large brown eyes sparkling with confusion. I point his gun at him as he holds up his hands, his nonexistent eyebrows pulled together, a frown on his handsome face. "This is a warning." I hiss as I take out the clip drom his gun.

I halfway take it apart swiftly, having done it a thousand times. Each peice drops with a loud thud, falling beside the clip. I drop the gun with a shrug. "Next time I'll kill you." I wink, patting his face with one hand before i spin on my heels.

As I walk away, a whimper sounds out behind me and I glance back. The guy is leaning against the wall, his face violently red, a hand pressed to the front of his pants. I can't stop the dark chuckle from me, shaking my head ad I leave.

This is Gotham.

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