Chapter 27

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"Y'all wild as fuck." I laughed coming into IHOP. It was me, Ken, Eisha Track, Sak, Juvy, Bort, Megan, J Green and Jamell.

"Table for 10 please." Jamell said to the hostess lady. She nodded and we had a booth and slid in that hoe.

"Man yo chain icy as fuck." Juvy said to Jamell, admiring his 'yNw' chain I bought him yesterday.

"I know. Destiny bought it for me for our one month anniversary."

"Must be nice." Eisha said. I laughed and picked up my menu.

"Anyways Melly when you gon drop yo song No Heart? That hoe bop." Ken asked.

"When you finally find the perfect rough hood nigga wit a heart that you've been looking for."

"Welp looks like we gon be waiting a while."

I laughed out loud. "Bitch I'm done with y'all."

"These crackas keep looking at us." Bort said. I shook my head knowing he was bout to do some stupid shit.

"Bitch I'm bout to go live." Eisha said pulling out her phone and going live.

"Wassup wit it y'all? We at IHOP wit da gang. Say hi to my live y'all." Eisha said. We all said hi to her lil ugly ass live.

"Gang gang shit." Eisha said.

"Look at the couple over here. SIGH! Must be nice." Eisha said pointing the camera to Me and Jamell. I looked at some comments.

ynw4life y'all cute asf💕

502_._takeover When y'all gon show the twins faces? Because we dying to see em

"We gon show the twins eventually. We ain't gon keep y'all waiting." I said laughing.

772shae Tell Melly to drop his song Slang That iron his ugly ass was playing it on live yesterday that shit bump

prettyluhnaesha Exactly this nigga got hella unreleased songs drop them hoes

"Imma drop that hoe whenever I get ready."

Eisha looked at him. "Anna oop see his mean ass."

"Anyways imma get off of here because here comes the waitress. Imma see y'all later." Eisha said ending the live. The waitress came over and she was very beautiful.

"My name is Imani and I'll be your waitress for today can I start you guys off with some drinks?" She asked biting her lip at Jamell. I looked at Megan and Eisha.

This nerve of this bitch...

Everybody said there drinks and when it got to me I had a bad ass attitude.

"Orange Juice." I said dryly. She nodded and gave Jamell one last glance and walked off to go get the drinks.

"She must wanna catch these hands and feet." Megan said. I nodded in agreement.

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