Chapter Two: Front Doors are Over Rated

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My alarm scares me awake. I force myself out of bed and go take a shower. I put my hair in a bun and put on a small amount of make-up. I wear a plain black crop top with black leggings and a flanal around my waist. I go down stairs into the kitchen where Sarah sits eating a bowl of oat-meal. 

"Morning" I said in a cracky voice

"Morning." she snapped

"What's wrong didn't get your beauty sleep?"

"Ha very funny but no and it's none of your business."

"Okay whatever." I grabbed my bag and walk out the door. I walk towards the school, when someone taps my shoulder.

"Hey Tessa right?" the guy from chemistry with green hair walks next to me.

"Yeah, Michael right?" 


"You're the guy that I'm competing with for the most tardy award."

"Oh yeah" he giggled

"Yeah I'm guessing that teacher doesn't really enjoy our company anymore."

We walked into the school and had to go our seperate ways. I went to my locker and I saw Luke leaning against it.

"Hello Tessie." he said with a smirk on his face.

"Don't call me that, and get off my locker."

"Okay how about shortcake."

"How about just don't talk to me and we'll be good."

"Oh come on there's no need to be mean." he says with fake frown.

"Oh well I'm not really friendly to my step sister's boy toys" I pushed past him and opened my locker.

"Well good for you, that I'm not her boy toy, but I could be yours." he winked at me

"Yeah, hell no."

"Oh come on Tessie you know you can't resist me, no girl ever has."

"Well than I'll be the first." he stiffened at those words.

"Are you okay Luke? You look a little shocked." I said with a smirk on my face as I walked away.

I sit in homeroom next to Beth. She's giving me look of accomplishment.


"Well I was on my way to your locker and you wouldn't believe my surprise when I saw Luke fucking Hemmings standing there with you!"

"Sadly yeah."

"Sadly? He is the hottest guy in school!"

"Yeah so I've been told." 

"You can't possibly say he isn't attractive."

"I can easily say that. and he's a total ass and also one of Sarah's boy toys."

"Damn I liked him until that comment."

"Yeah." The bell rang and I walked to gym class and got changed. I was exited because we were playing baseball outside.

"Okay time to pick teams, captains are Luke and Calum." the coach yelled out.


"Luke you pick first." the coach said.

"Okay I choose...Tessa." he said pointing in my direction. I went and stood next to him.

"What's wrong you don' look to happy Tessie."

"Yeah being on your team isn't the best."

"Oh please all you have to do is play the out  field and do nothing."

"I'd prefer to play first if you don't mind."

"Fine then." Everyone was picked for their teams and we went into the field first. I played first. the first two hit were straight into the sky of course caught by Luke, but than it was a grounder to him so he had to throw it to me. He gave me a look and threw it as hard as he could. The ball came straight towards me and I caught it with ease.

"Out!" the coach yelled. We all ran into the dugout

"Nice catch Tessie"

"Yeah, and don't call me Tessie."

"Whatever you say shortcake." he said. It was soon my turn to hit and I walked up to the plate.

"Alright guys go easy!" the coach yelled.

"Coach I'm good, throw like you normally do." I told the pitcher

"Alright." he through the ball up high so it was a ball. Then he through it right down the middle and I ripped it all the way towards the back fence. I ran to first , second, third and finally home plate. Wining us the game! I began to walk back into the school when Luke tapped me on the shoulder.

"Nice hit!" 

"Thanks." I said walking in ahead of him

"Well what a surprise the out cast can play ball." a boy behind me said. I stopped in my tracks and turned around to face him.

"What?" I asked him

"Well figuring how you never come out of your room I just assumed you weren't very athletic." he said then laughing to his friends. Before he could say anything I walked over to him kicking him shin as hard as I could making him to fall to the ground.

"Oh look the outcast can kick too." I said with a smirk, and I walked away.

"Tessa!" I turned around seeing Calum right behind me.

"Did you kick that guy?"

"Yeah why do you know him?"

"No all I know is he is a complete ass."

"Yeah found that out the hard way."

"What did he say?" 

"Nothing it doesn't matter."

"Well you did great though." he said putting his elbow on my shoulder.

"Thanks." We walked back in the school and got changed back into our old cloths and then went to my next class. I went through the day with little torture and I told Beth about the guy I kicked in the shins. She of course found it extremely entertaining.

At the end of school I walked home and saw Michael right in front of me , him not knowing I was behind him. I stayed silent until I got home and went up to my room and went straight into my bathroom. I walked back into my room where my sliding door was now open.

"Why were following me?" I turned around to see Michael sitting my bed.

"How did you get in here?!"

"I used the door." pointing towards the siding door

"We are on the second floor."

"I climbed."

"You're insane!"

"You never answered my question why were following me?"

"I wasn't I was walking home."

"Oh well than neighbor I forgive you."

"You're my neighbor?"

"Five years now." I was shocked at these words I always thought my neighbor was some weird old man.

"Well neighbor you still can't just sneak into my room."

"But front doors are over rated."

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