Chapter Fifteen

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I stopped and turned looking back to the mountain, i could swear the barrier is weaker and a moment later the barrier was completely gone and hundreds maybe even thousands of demons flew out of the mountain, Sesshomaru watched standing next to me "Lord Sesshomaru what is it?"Rin asked "Just as i thought"he said more to himself, indeed this proves Naraku had been inside the mountain all along.

The demons flew over attacking us but Sesshomaru, Jaken and i fought them off, once the demons had flew off we were just about to head in when Sesshomaru told Rin to get away from the mountain with A-Un.

"What will you do lord Sesshomaru?"she asked "It goes without saying Naraku is in there somewhere"he said "Just get going already Rin, understand we only want you to be safe"i told her "Alright"Rin nodded "Lord Sesshomaru, good luck my lord, Akane"she said before taking off on A-Un as Sesshomaru and i went into the mountain.

As we got closer Sesshomaru stopped "There's no mistake its his demonic aura"he said "Sesshomaru  have a look at this"i called from the cave entrance and he walked over, the walls were all fleshy and moving around "The mountain itself has become a part of Naraku"he said i nodded in agreement to his conclution and we continued the way.

There was a tremor, the mountain started to fall apart, Sesshomaru and i continued though and soon we came across the revived Naraku, this was the first time i had actually seen him "I must say you took extraordinary steps just to kill a mere woman Naraku"Sesshomaru said.

Naraku looked over "Sesshomaru and Akane, this is a surprise i was sure i had killed you 42 years ago"he said "So it was you, return my memory this instant!"i demanded, Naraku chuckled "I had nothing to do with your memory loss but i did drive you and Sesshomaru apart, together tou could have stopped my rise to the power i now wield but i made sure that wouldn't happen"Naraku said.

"There's a flaw in your plan and that is that she returned, your power is nothing"Sesshomaru said drawing Tokijin before he attacked, Naraku was torn to pieces but he laughed despite that "Sesshomaru, you say my plan was flawed yet now watch as i turn the power of your own sword against you"Naraku said launching an attack back at us.

Sesshomaru blocked it and was pushed back but it wasn't enough to take him out as Sesshomaru jumped out of the way "It's useless i will never die"Naraku laughed disappearing in a cloud of miasma.

I sighed a bit once he was gone, wait was i scared? Of Naraku? Nah no way, i shrugged it off just as Inuyasha appeared "Sesshomaru"he said "Inuyasha still alive are you?" Sesshomaru asked "What are you doing here?"Inuyasha asked.

"It seems Naraku's main intrest was not you but rather his real objective was to kill that woman"Sesshomaru said pointing out the bow, Inuyasha went over to it, he really must of cared for the priestess that owned it.

Anyway Sesshomaru and I  started heading out of there "Hold on Sesshomaru"Inuyasha called "Did you just watch her get killed? Didn't  you do anything to help?"Inuyasha asked.

"Why should he have? We have no obligation to save an already dead woman, besides we got here after she had already fallen"i told him "There you have it, it was Naraku who killed her, rather then take your frustration out on me go after him" Sesshomaru said before he walked off and i followed as usual.

As we got further from the mountain Sesshomaru finally brought up what Naraku had said "Naraku said your memory loss wasn't his fault"he said, i just nodded "I don't think he was lying either, I suppose it'll only be a matter of time until i remember everything"i said, Sesshomaru nodded   as we met up with Rin and continued chasing Naraku.

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