Tears and Love </3

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Alright.. so this is a very short, but nice story i made. Read about this two souls whose hearts get torn appart slowly... </3


She thought it'd be the last one... It wasn't; she glanced at him again. Then again... and again. And there he still was, indefinitely silent , endlessly still... so still like a stone figure. She couldn't resist, so she gave him an immediate stare. He dint even pass his eyes anywhere close to her. She looked away.

For more than a week he had stayed in that corner when he could, doing nothing but stare at his left hand, with the headphones on his ears... Who knew if they were even on playing music. Sometimes you could see him whispering, probably the song, but other times he would leave them on for hours without even lowering the volume, changing the song, nothing...

She was too stressed about it. She couldn't help it, so she walked up to him and waited for him to notice her. He was starring at his hand when he felt her presence. He raised his head looking forward, but not at her.

"Hey, look at me.'' She told him. ''Why are you like this?".

"Its too... complicated" he said. "Everything is complicated now" he whispered under his breath.

"What do you mean?" she asked, a little worried now.

"What you heard... Life is hard, difficult, complicated now. My soul feels heavier... I can barely carry it no longer" he answered, then looked back down, but at the floor not his hand. He pressed his eyes closed and he also closed his left hand tightly. There was silence for some minutes now. It felt like the whole world went to silence. Not even footsteps, not birds, not wind, just their breathing could be heard. After the moment, she sighed.

"Why are you feeling like this?" she finally said, breaking the momentarily silence.

"It wouldn't feel ok to say it just like that..." he said.

"Umm.. Maybe if you look at me it could be a little easier..." she answered, peeking at his eyes that were still looking down. He made a pretty loud exhale , blinked a couple of times, and looked at her deep in the yes. She saw his pupil adjust to the light; pretty amazing.

"You know... that day was very hard... I don't know if for you it was, but it hit me very hard..." He started. " I wasn't expecting that at all. Like a nightmare running over a dream... I won't let go of the thought that my tears weren't worth something... and still every morning, and every night I wonder... why you broke up with me. Why you left me?"

"Well, I-I told you that it-" she started, but he interrupted saying "I don't really want to know. I wonder and think of possible reasons of why he stole you from me and how he got you to take your heart off my hands. But its just me wondering... I don't want to know..."

"Wow, I'm so sorry... I dint really thought it'll affect you this way.. I'm so very sorry..." she answered, in a voice of guilt.

"Please, don't be.. As long as you're happy, I am.. Well, I might, because this isn't something to smile for." he said.

"Ok.. But you can try to start cheering up.. Like, don't just sit there staring at your hand and listening to music... why do you do that anyways?" she asked. His face turned a bit more sad now. He tried not to, but he sighed frustrated.

"Well.." he paused. He looked at his left hand, then paused the song he was listening to, and then looked around him. "Well.. I'm always starring at this hand, because with this hand I used to hold yours... I picture all day your hand holding mine.. So warm.. So tight... And... this song... it's the one I dedicated you when you said you loved me too.. Every time I listen to this song I close my eyes and think of your beautiful smile... I won't stop listening to this song..." he said, with shine in his eyes, but frustration at the same time. He was too confused. He couldn't tell his feelings apart, and it was hard for him to identify weather he was feeling happy or sad.

She dint have much of an expression in her face, but inside her there was thunder and rain... Desperation and huge amount of sadness and guilt.

"...And why here? Isn't it better outside enjoying nature?" she asked, trying to cheer him and herself up.

"Actually, here was where we had our lonely time, where we expressed our feelings to each other... I spend my time here because apart from all my frustration, I can still feel some love that was left from our happy moments together...".

She couldn't hold it. She burst into tears and threw herself in his arms. She couldn't believe that she had made someone suffer this much... specially someone whom she had shared her heart with.

He closed his eyes, and he felt one of her tears go down his arm as he hugged her. He pressed her against his chest and a tear came out of his eyes... She couldn't stop crying and saying how sorry she was... ...Now instead of love, it was tears and cries that they were sharing together... But at least they were together... *♥♥♥*

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