Arrival, Part 1

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He groaned.

How long had he been out? An hour? A day? He couldn't tell.

The sound of a nearby swash tickled his ears and a series of gentle waves crashed on the nearby shore.

The beach. That was where he was. He opened his eyes.

The sun was so bright that he had to squint and turn away, lifting up his hand to blot out the rays. God, his arm felt so heavy. In fact, he was exhausted all over. He felt like his body was being crushed by infinite tiredness, like he hadn't slept in weeks. He could barely lift his head off the ground and any effort was such a strain that he just lay there resting while basking in the bright sun. Damn it was warm. Warmer than any summer he had ever experienced. He could feel beads of sweat trickling down his face.

He lifted his other hand to mop his brow and felt lots of tiny things patter on to his cheeks. Stones? No. Too small.



He looked to his right and saw a sand bar stretching for what seemed like miles into the horizon. He immediately turned left and saw it was the same again. And this place wasn't some dreary dune with a grey ocean, it was a beautifully white beach, pristine and spotless, the kind you would find at tropical islands. It looked like paradise.

But that didn't make any sense.

He forced himself to sit up, feeling every bone in his chest creak like an old hobby horse. He was so tired, but that didn't matter. How he felt didn't mean a damn thing anymore, all that he could think about was this beach.

Groaning again, he turned himself around and gazed up to the top of the sands. There were trees, bamboo trees and ferns, that got denser and closer together until he realised it was a real jungle before him. His eyes strained to see how far the forests spread but all he could see was a sea of green, perched at top of this spectacular beach.

But that was all beside the point. The point was simple and frightening and despite how warm it was, there was a very real shiver running up his spine.

'Where am I?' he murmured. 

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