you're sick

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The cough made your chest rattle and your throat hurt. You've come down with a pretty bad cold and it was as if you couldn't shake it. Ashley has been doing whatever she can to make you feel better, but so far nothing seemed to be helping.

You coughed again, this time much harder than last time. You tried to catch your breath but you still felt the urge to cough coming back. Ashley rubbed your back, every cough making the pain in your chest and throat so much worse. Once you were done you collapsed back on the bed and closed your eyes as you tried to catch your breath.

"Here baby, take this." She said, holding the spoon out with the medicine on it. You shook your head no. You didn't wanna take it. It tastes horrible. "Y/n you need to take this. It's gonna make you feel better." She put the spoon up to your lips and you opened your mouth to swallow the disgusting medicine. "Good girl. Lay back down, try to sleep."

Ashley ran her hand across your forehead, frowning at how warm you were. It was hard for her to see you so sick. She covered you up with the blanket and pressed a kiss to your forehead. She got up to go downstairs to make you some tea when you caught her wrist in your hand. "Don't go." She stroked your cheek softly, making your eyes flutter closed. "I'm just gonna go make you some tea. It'll probably make you feel better."

You shook your head. "Cuddle with me. Please, Ash." She gave you a small smile and crawled under the blankets next to you, smiling to herself when you moved closer to her and rested your head on her chest. "Go to sleep baby. I'll be here if you need anything." You slowly started to drift off to sleep as Ashley held you in her arms.

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