Chapter 9

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"Stephen after my Doctor's appointment can you take me to town so I can visit the little shops. I'd like to grab lunch and go shopping for the baby and more clothes for me I'm a whale now." I state to the driver. "Yes of course ma'am and my I say you are the most beautiful woman I've seen not whalish at all." He replies. Stephen is head of my Grandfather's security. He is thirty years old and extremely handsome. For the rest of the drive I sit silently just thinking about how much I wished Vincenzo was here to find out the sex of the baby. Thank goodness we arrived so I didn't have to dwell on the thought any longer.

I walk in and go to reception. They took me straight back to my room and took my vitals. After giving me a gown they tell me to change into it and that the Doctor will be in shortly. Just finishing changing that's when I hear the knock on the door. "Come in." I reply sitting back on the exam table. What happened next made me regret inviting that person in.

Vincenzo walks in and looks at me with a sexy smile. "Hello wifey you look stunning." He spoke. I hop off the table almost tripping and run towards him. "Get out of here you can't be here I want nothing to do with you. Go back to Katherine. Leave me alone." I shouted. He grabs my hands and turns me around so my back is against his chest. Pulling me close to him he whispers "I'm not with Katherine I never was willingly with her she drugged me that day when I picked her up at your parents house. I was not in the right state of mind. I have test results to prove it plus the CCTV from the limo cause you know I put that in there cause I loved recording your and me having what do you call it wild escapades. Plus if you still dont believe me your father caught her on his own CCTV from his house. I'd never willingly hurt you princess." He seductively whispered.

"Really? Never mind I dont believe you. Why are you here?" I ask. "Yes really, if you cant believe me I understand but please believe your father and all the evidence." He pleads. "I'm here for you my wife and our baby." He explained. "Well sorry it's not your.." I was cut off. "If you even say it's not my baby I'm going to strip you down and fuck you so hard until you remember I'm the only one that has touched you and ever will touch you ...... got it?" He asked. I nodded in a daze. I hate how he have such control over me despite my own independence. "Now I paid the Doctor to not come in for at least an hour so I want to see how your body has changed." He said as he untied the gown and pulled it to the floor leaving me in only my panties.

His hands roamed my body with out a word from him. I tried holding in a moan when he cupped my breasts and played with them as he sucked on my neck. I lost that battle when he flipped me around pulled off my panties and put me on the table. His head now between my legs at my sex. Moan after moan escaping my lips as my head falls back in pleasure. He stands up and pulled out his phone while undoing his clothes..."Donovan have the Doctor reschedule everyone's appointment for another day. Have the staff leave as well as the Doctor and nurse that will be attending to my wife..." "NO... I want to know the sex of the baby...please." I cut him off. I see his eyes roll in frustration probably from the huge bulge in his pants. "Change of plans have the Doctor come in now do the exam and everything and then leave after we get pictures." He says the gangs up the phone. He hands me my panties and fixes his suit then ties my gown as if nothing happened.

The Doctor comes in with a scared look on her face and I glare at Vincenzo. I can only imagine what she thinks of us. "Okay let's get started." She says. She checks everything and measures my belly. "Right on track everything seems fine. Any fatigue, pain, increase or decrease of appetite or anything else?" She asks. "Um yeah I get tired a lot... my back and feet hurt but not horribly I try to keep healthy eating right and doing yoga. I'm always hungry and I dont know what else would increase." I explained. "No that's all good and normal. Take more frequent rests and elevate your feet. If you experience any horrible pain please let me know. As for increased hunger that's normal. You may also experience mood swings and increased sex drive and hair and nail growth. Just keep doing what your doing and you'll be fine. Keep the stress down though you are at risk for high blood pressure. Now let's see what your having. Shall we? " she asked. And I about jumped in excitement.

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