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My eyes shifted around the pitch black room, horror washing over at the sight of myself being strapped to a chair. And I screamed as a leash struck my body, cutting off all the air.

No one gave a care about the whimpers, the pain that ripped out. From me. No one did anything about it.

I blared in horror at the blade cutting through my skin, blood rushing out, reminding of a fountain, spraying everywhere.

I shot up in bed a moment later, leaping out of the dream. "Shit."

A warm hand touching mine, brought me back to consciousness. "Angela. Baby, are you okay?"

I blinked repeatedly, focus lifting to meet Nathan, who had seated up by my side. "It was just a bad dream."

"You've been having a lot of these lately. Tell me the truth. Is it my fault? Should I not have did the interview with you? Did I bring back the memories?"

I framed his face in my hands, the light stubble grazing. "Hey. It's not your fault. It was the right thing, it led us closer to the truth. Nathan, don't blame yourself. You did nothing wrong."

Nathan leaned into my touch, kissing me softly. "Do you want to talk about it?"

I tugged him back to my side, snuggling close, lying in bed. "I don't even know, honestly. I just... I cannot tell anymore whether they are memories or not. Maybe this is just my imagination, coming up with false stuff that never happened. I feel so lost because I cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy."

"Hey," he tipped up my chin, "I believe you no matter what you say. We can figure out what they are... together."

I woke up the next morning alone, with Nathan being gone. A smile appeared at the thought of the previous night, what he had said, but that disappeared when voices were heard from downstairs. I did not reconsider as I sneaked there, not caring about my choice of outfit. The large T-shirt and underwear.

"Sardia, I am asking you very nicely to leave if you are not going to be reasonable."

I peeked from behind the wall on the stairs, watching as Sardia sighed. "Nathan, you have kept the girl here for weeks. This is rational behavior. And for no apparent reason that is."

"I am keeping her safe. This is only for her safety, which is a perfectly good reason. I am keeping my girlfriend out of harm's way. And she is not risk-free in that house. I don't trust the people there."

"You mean Bill? Yeah. I heard there was a fallout between the two. I talked to Bill."

Nathan leaned against the doorframe. "And what did the bastard say?"

Sardia rolled her eyes, at Nathan's nickname for him. "He said that she took a few of his words the wrong way. That she has never been fond of him, even when the parents were alive. She has always been very crude towards him. It was only a fight, a misunderstanding, nothing else."

"Stop. I don't want to hear it. If you want to take his side over hers then I don't give a shit. That's your problem."

"Nathan, sometimes a teenager's fantasy can get out of hand, a little over the top."

"Are you calling her a liar?" he queried, irritation quirking in his tone.

"I don't even know. All I am saying is that maybe she is letting her fantasy get the best of her. Maybe Angela did have a crush on Bill, he rejected her and now she is living out her emotions. Maybe he would-"

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