Part 31

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In the classroom, you could hear little cries of a young girl.

"Waaahhh~ huuhuhuuuu~"

I cried as Zen looks at me shocked as if he never expected me to cry.

That's right. Be shook!

I sniffed and sniffed. Zen looks at me. I look back at him with my teary eyes.

I point at him.

"Huu~ I just came back to school after a week! Yet, you tease me! You are so mean! On that day you dropped me off, Riya was yelling at me! So, I got so annoyed, I told her about our date! And then she hit me! And then when our father came, she kicked my wrist and...look." I explained, calmly.

Zen looks at her bandage wrist and immediately sits down and grabs her hand. His heart felt angry and guilt. His eyes soften.

"Why didn't you fight back?" He asks.

Um, that's going to expose me cover?

"W-well, I couldn't."

Not now.

Seeing the guilt in his eyes, I suddenly feel bad. Maybe I shouldn't have told him until he asks me 'what the heck is that on your wrist?'.

"But, I'm okay now! You know, I got one week rest! My wrist is all healed but my father told me to keep it on. You know, Riya and her mother can't spend money anymore because of what she did to me! Hehe, it was so funny!"

I laughed happily as I thought about the scene.

His eyes look at me with so much affection that I had to call his name twice. When he noticed me calling to him, he stood up and walks away.

"Hey! Where you going? Class is about to start!!" I yelled.

He continues to walk to the door and he says something.

"Don't worry, I'll be on time. Just save me a spot." He said as he opened the door and went out, leaving me alone in an empty classroom. he going to cry?

(AN: can I just strangle y-)

Hm. Whatever. I should probably look in my schedule and think about visiting Ewin's Box after school.

Hours past as I moved from class to class.

So tiring...

I want to go to sleep

Or go kick Nick...

Good thing, Lily was there to entertain me with some global gossips.

Days past and everyday was good. Riya is always bad talking about me with her friends. But never had the courage to confront me.

I wonder why...

Well that doesn't matter.

Today is the day, we get our classroom position. The President, Vice President, and assistant.

Zen is the President.

Yay. Lucky you.

Vice President is Ruka.

A classmate in my class. A girl with two black braids with green eyes. She's a smart, kind, beautiful girl.

The Assistant is someone else...

Wahhh!!! This is so cruel! HuuHuu!

I was so desperate to make Eve have a school position.

Black lines appear above me.

"And that's not all! We have a secret position and that person has earned it and has many votes other than Zen. And that person is..."

Still depressed, I didn't hear anything except my name being called out.

"Eve Vangelia! Congratulations!" The teacher said which made me confused. Everyone looked at me with a happy look.

"Go! Stand up!"


"Go Eve!"

Noticing people wanting me to stand up, I stand up confused and went up to the front and stood right next to Zen or forced.

I smiled but had a confusion.

What? What's going on? I thought there were only 3 positions?

Why am I here?

The time has past and I still couldn't figure out. Then finally!

Lily told me that I had the secret position.

A secret position!? What!! But...what do I do though? I am confused!

What does the secret position do!!

"The secret position? I think the secret position is the secretary of the president. Zen is the President and you're his way. Are you guys tied by fate? Are you dating—"

"No." I deadpanned.

So I'm the secretary...?

B-but I don't want to!! Besides, that Kim Taehyung lookalike is a bastard! But he's hot too! Damn it!

Hmmm, oh well. I don't care.

"Hey! Let's go eat!" Lily suggested and I obeyed.

We ate. We talked. We walked. School ended and we went in our separate ways. I walk to Ewin's Box and was greeted.

"Hello, boss!"

"Having a good day, boss?"

"Should I bring you a snack, boss?"

I walked past them with a gentle smile and put on my gym clothes and went to my regular room.

The gym.

Gosh! I missed this place so much!!

"Eve, you're here!" I hear Nick's voice and I turned around with a smile.

"Where were you the past week?" Nick asks.

"Oh boy. It's a long story! Anyway, enough of that! I heard there is a party and we're invited. Wanna go as my partner?"


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