IV \\ Pot o' Gold

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Since you guys love it so much, here is a double update!

Emilia rolled her eyes. Tina was crying. Again. It was getting tiring. She looked over her shoulder at the Asian girl and sighed, deciding to say something.

"You know what, girl Chang? If you cry every time someone gets a hangnail, it kind of starts to lose its effect." She said snarkily.

"It's not a hangnail," Tina said through her sobs. "Mercedes was one of Glee's original members. I feel naked in here without her."

"Yeah, well get used to it, 'cause without her singing for us, we're going to have to perform naked for the judges to vote for us at Sectionals." Puck said.

Ever since Mercedes had left the New Directions to join Ms. Corcoran's group, everyone had felt down and upset. But, perhaps what annoyed Emilia the most was that it meant Rachel felt more inclined to take all of the female leads and solos now.

"No. I will not let this setback crush our spirits." Mr. Schue said. "I mean, we have handled worse."

"Than losing one of our best singers? Kind of hard not to blame you, Mr. Schue. Think you were too hard on her at Booty Camp." Quinn said in a harsh tone.

Before Mr. Schue could answer, Rachel walked in. "Sorry I am late. I was putting up posters for my..." She trailed off when she saw Emilia and Kurt glared at her. "For my campaign." She lowered voice to a whisper.

"Did you airbrush your jowls?" Emilia said, with a satisfied smirk. She thought it wasn't possible to hate Rachel anymore, but after she had signed herself up to run for senior class president against Kurt because she was scared she would not get the lead in the musical. Which she had. And she still had not pulled out. Therefore, Emilia hated her even more than before.

"No." Rachel said, sitting down next to Finn.

"Look, let's stop it, everybody. So we lost a singer. So they canceled the musical." Finn said, trying to keep the peace.

"Wait, what? No, no, no, no. You can't cancel my musical." Rachel protested.

"Our musical." Emilia corrected. "Everyone here is in it. And you're not the only star."

"Sue cut the funding," Finn explained. "The point is, right now, we shouldn't –"

"-be turning on each other." Blaine finished off for him. "I agree." He stood up and looked around, addressing the entire group. "I can only speak from my experience with the Warblers, but no show choir is just one person; it's a team. When we lost a Warbler, we just replaced him with another one."

"Which is easy when your waiting list has a waiting list." Finn pointed out, also standing up. Finn was jealous of Blaine, he always had been. Emilia kind of knew why; Blaine was a leader, he had been the leader of the Warblers sort of, and Finn felt threatened. "Dude, I know you're a big deal at Dalton or whatever, but we don't wear blazers here, so have a seat I'm trying to give a pep talk."

"Didn't you just say something about us not tuning on each other?" Emilia asked, raising her eyebrows.

"No, you can't cancel my musical. Okay? I was considering changing my name to Maria." Rachel complained.

"The musical is not canceled." Mr. Schue said for the fifth time. Rachel really did have a thick skull, Emilia thought. She decided she wanted to test just how thick some time. "As for Mercedes, yes, that is a huge loss for us, but we will deal with replacing her later. Right now, we need to focus on putting on this musical."

"How?" Kurt asked.

"We sell ads in the program. I figure we can get ten, maybe 20 buck apiece for them." Mr. Schue replied.

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