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Things were different now

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Things were different now.

Of course they were going to be different now that Nicole and Peter kissed each other, multiple times over the last one and a half week. Neither would admit to the other, but they liked the said action very much. Yet, they still hadn't told their friends about their changed relationship. Nicole didn't even know how to go about it or how their friends would react to it. She was probably overthinking this but hey, this was her first ever relationship so it should be understandable that she was nervous.

For that matter, Nicole hadn't even told Norah yet and Peter was yet to tell May. Both of them were incredibly shy to even do so. Nicole had been the one to take the initiative, making Peter promise that he would tell May by today and she would tell her sister. 

That was exactly what she was going to do today. Dinnertime was the time to reveal everything (like it was something really important). And besides today was 15th December, which meant that ten days were left for Christmas and boy was her older sister excited. Norah had already begun to buy the decorations for their apartment and in a few days would begin to put them up.

'Okay, you can do this. Just say it,' Nicole thought to herself, determined not to chicken out today. She looked across at her sister with a smile she hoped didn't reveal too much. "Hey Norah?"

"Yeah?" Norah paused, midway through talking about buying a Christmas tree. 

"I really wanted to tell you something. Just please don't laugh at me or be angry or anything."

"Why would I be like that? Did you do something? Is it your internship?"

"No, it's not. You know what? I am just going to say it out loud."

"Sure," Norah's face held a slight frown as she leaned forward, propping her elbows on the table. "What's going on, Nicole?"

"Peter and I kissed and are now dating!" Nicole blurted out, her cheeks extremely warm. She didn't dare look at her sister's face. 

"Uh...what?! Did I hear you correctly?" Her older sister was staring at her; she could feel those warm brown eyes giving her an analytical once over. "You and Peter....?"


"When did that happen?"

"Uh like a week and a half ago?"

"And why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I was nervous?" The way Nicole said her last statement, made it sound like she was unsure. Well yes, she was nervous but also scared that her sister wouldn't like that. But judging by a side glance at her, Norah didn't seem to have a shred of anything negative in her expression.

"Why would you be?" Norah questioned. "What do you think I would have said? I would have been in favor of it. I had the slightest feeling that you liked him but I could never really say for sure. But it's cool because you two would be cute."

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