Chapter 1 - Someone cares?

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Hey all, I know two uploads in one nights!!! I would just like to say that I wrote this all on my ipod so if there are any grammar mistakes or spelling, don't get mad. I would like to dedicate this chapter to my very good friend Eloise, who has been so supportive of me recently!!!

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Chapter 1

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

I wish I could shoot than damn alarm clock!!! It only brought about one thing, the beginning of a school day, i.e, my worst nightmare.

Reluctantly, I clambered out of my toasty warm bed, and trudged to the bathroom, to have a shower. As I was in a rush, my shower was a quick one, and I was done washing and cleaning within 10 minutes. I hopped out of the shower feeling revived, but still dreading the day ahead.

The new school year.

Joy. Not the the sarcasm.

School meant only one thing to me, and only one person made it so, the two words you never want to hear in a sentence, but I think of daily: Bullying and Jenna Bailey.

She was the head of the cheerleading squad and champion bitch. She was the reason I nearly commited suicide last year. I know you're probably thinking, oh it can't have been that bad, but believe me it was. I ended up crying every lunch, and in between lessons, after her never ending torments. It didn't help that I never responded to anyone, not even those who were trying to be kind. I vowed that after my so called "best friend" told the whole school all my secrets. I have never trusted anyone again. And you're probably thinking, it can't hVe been that bad. But it was. It wasn't just crushes I told her, it was everything, every thought I had, every emotion. She was like my human diary. Except now I know diaries are a lot more reliable.

"LANA! Hurry up, or Lisa will leave without you!" called my lovely (not) mother from the kitchen. I didn't go any quicker, it didn't bother me. Lisa left without me everyday anyway. I knew why and I didn't hold it against her, I knew why she had to keep up the perfect image, mum. To be mum's favourite she had to be top off the class, be in the cheer squad, have the perfect boyfriend, look perfect, act perfect. The list goes on and on. Although I disliked Lisa for ignoring me, and never supporting me, I did feel sorry for her. She must be absolutely exhausted!

By the time I got to school (yippee! sarcasm noted), almost everyone was there. For many this would be a good thing, but for me, it wasn't. It just meant more spectators who would laugh at me when I was spat at or kicked.

Obviously not wanting to disappoint the large crowd that was gathering, Jenna and her posse walked, no strutted over, with the usual "I'm better than all of you" on their faces, ready to entertain the school.

"So, I see you turned up, freak." spat Jenna. All I could do was bow my head and keep on walking. I tried, but as I walked past Max, Jenna's boyfriend, captain of the football team, he "accidentaly" stuck out his foot, so I ended up on my hands and knees in front of him and Jenna.

"Look at the freak!" jeered Jenna, "She wants to beg me to let her be in the cheer squad! Well, bitch, I hate to break it to ya, but you have to be pretty to be on the cheer squad. Looking like the back end of a monkey does not class as pretty."

I scrambled up, ignoring the throbbing coming from my knees and palms where I had grazed then, and picked up my books. I then quickly hurried off to the bathroom so I could clean my hands before they got infected.

However before I could turn into the girls bathroom, a deep, charming voice came from behind me: "why do you let them do that?"

I turned to look at who had spoken to me, only to find I didn't recognise them. He was tall, well built, with dark brown, wavy hair that fell messily into his eyes, and piercing green eyes that stared into my own dull blue ones, unblikingly. He looked like a jock. Fantastic, just what I need, more abuse. Tears started welling up in my eyes. Why was God so cruel?? What did I ever to do anybody??

To my utter astonishment, when the first few tears betrayed me, and slipped over the edge of the my eyes, streaming down my cheeks, his expression went from confused, to worried, to sympathetic.

"What's wrong?"

Nobody has asked me that in a long time, so long in fact, I had forgotten anyone cares.

The world started spinning and blackness crept over me. I let unconciousness overcome me, almost happy for once that someone had cared enough to ask why I was crying.

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