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Taehyung sat with Jimin on the kitchen counter as the two of them watched Seokjin cook. Occasionally, Jimin would pick at the edges of the cakes, earning a light smack from Jin, who'd usher him off the counter.

"Park Jimin," Jin threatened, holding a wooden spoon up to the boy's face. "One more time and I'll have you out of here."

The younger's face lit up in a mischievous grin as he held his hands up. "I'm not doing anything," he denied quickly, pointing at Taehyung. "It was him."

The blue-haired boy glared at Jimin playfully, rolling his eyes at his remarks. "Whatever you say, pabo," he said sarcastically, exchanging looks of exasperation with Seokjin.

"Seriously, sometimes I wonder how on earth you've even managed to charm a Prince and end up dating him," Jin stated, lowering his voice tactfully in case any of the other cooks around the kitchen heard his words.

Jimin glanced around them hastily, visibly relaxing once he was reassured absolutely no one heard the chef. "Stupid. There won't be any relationship to talk about if you shout about it," he hissed.

"Anyway," Jin continued, swerving away from the topic of Jimin and Yoongi. "I still can't believe Jungkook's reaction about your bruise. It's so unlike him."

Taehyung hummed in response, brushing his fingers lightly against the constellations of purple and blue patterns scattered across his cheek. "Well maybe he isn't as heartless as everyone thinks," the servant voiced out, shrugging slightly. "Everyone has a heart."

Jimin snorted in response, patting Taehyung's back teasingly. "He is as arrogant as people say, except it's different with you," the boy sang out, forming a heart with his two hands. "Kook likes you!"

Taehyung raised his brows, shoving Jimin away from him, who as a result, lost his balance and slipped off the counter. "Stop it," the younger said firmly, although he couldn't help but feel his own heart throbbing in his chest. The butterflies fluttering around in his stomach from Jimin's three words which were most likely made up caused him to internally scold himself at his childish behaviour.

"You think I'm lying, but he told Yoongi," Jimin revealed, before he slapped his hand over his mouth in mock regret. "Oops."

"He what?" Seokjin and Taehyung spat out in shock at the same time, staring at the pink-haired boy in surprise.

"I wasn't meant to say that," Jimin whispered, glancing around them in paranoia. "So don't tell Jungkook or Yoongi or anyone. Okay?"

Seokjin rolled his eyes as he continued to cook, sprinkling an assortment of herbs over the soup he was making. "Because I have simply everyone to tell, don't I?"

Jimin ignored the elder, instead turning over to face Taehyung who sat next to him, his eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Are you lying?" he asked Jimin, not believing the boy for a second.

"No, I swear. Yoongi told me everything," he mumbled, growing even more distracted after each passing second as he looked up at the time, noticing it'd just gone past two. "I need to go. Someone has to tidy up the mess Jungkook decides to leave every morning," he complained, hopping off the counter. "See you later!"

Watching Jimin leave the kitchen, Taehyung turned to face Jin, his eyes widened from the unsuspected news he'd received. "What do you think?" he murmured, his mind replaying Jimin's confession. "It seems a bit weird, don't you think?"

"I don't know," Seokjin replied, placing the ladle into the soup bowl, before turning his undivided attention towards Taehyung. "It does seem a bit out of character, but it also makes sense. Jungkook's reaction wasn't normal. He doesn't care for anyone, yet he seemed to get pretty angry over you."

Taehyung remained silent, divulging into his own thoughts. He couldn't deny the fact that he was attracted to Jungkook, but then again who wasn't? The Prince was known to be handsome, so his crush on the younger wasn't something out of the ordinary. In fact, it resembled the laughable infatuations school girls have on teachers. Nothing would come of it, so what was the point?

He highly doubted Jimin was even telling the truth, or perhaps there'd been a slight muddle of words exchanged between Jungkook and Jimin; and even if the slightest chance that the Prince did like Taehyung, it was pointless. The two couldn't act on their feelings.

Reality was against them. Jungkook was a Prince, and Taehyung wasn't. Jungkook was set to wed Jennie, and not Taehyung.

The boy was living in an unrealistic fantasy which he knew he had to get out of. For his own sake, Taehyung had to push the Prince away, otherwise he'd end up getting hung up and distraught over the imagination that the two could end up together, which was close to impossible.

It would never happen.

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