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AN// hello my loves, so this is part 2 of wealthy//g.d, so make sure you go read that one if you don't remember what happened. love you all <3 xx

(y/n pov)

You pulled the lasagna out of the oven, just as the doorbell rang. Smiling, you quickly put it on the stove to cool and pulled off your mitts. Rushing over to the front door, you smiled opening it. "Y/N!" Grant shouted. You smiled and bent down to hug him. He wrapped his arms around you and you smiled.

"Hey," You stood up to come face to face with Grayson. You gave him a quick side-hug, feeling a little awkward to give him a proper hug. You closed and locked the door behind him and gestured them inside.

"I smell lasagna!" Grant yelled, walking straight into the kitchen. You laughed as Grayson chuckled.

You and Grayson had been texting back and forth for a couple of weeks now. And you'd finally asked both him and Grant to come over for dinner. It wasn't a typical, 'first date'- not with Grant there too, but you were excited.

"It does smell good, wow," Grayson said, following in right behind you and Grant. You smiled back at him.

"Thanks guys," You said. You decided to take off your apron and folded it up. "I just pulled it out-" Grant cut you off.

"Y/N, look!" Grant pointed to his knee, below his shorts. "It's all gone!" He said. You smiled and ruffled his hair.

"Well, she fixed it, did you thank her?" Grayson asked him. You rolled your eyes smiling.

"Thank you!" Grant exclaimed. "Can we eat now?" He asked. You smiled and shook your head. He frowned.

"It's really hot, you'll burn your mouth," You told him. Grayson lifted the kid onto the counter, just as he'd down weeks ago. "How 'bout I cut you a piece and put it on a plate and you can try it?" You asked. He nodded.

You turned around and decided to cut the lasagna to pieces. Grayson came by next to you, and you looked up at him. He smiled and you felt your insides light up. Fighting down a blush, you continued to cut the lasagna into squares.

"Here, where are the forks?" Grayson asked. You pointed to a drawer by the sink and he went over to find you a fork. He brought it back and you scooped out a piece to put on a plate for Grant. You turned around with the plate. He grinned as you placed it on the counter next to him.

"Here," You said, putting some on a fork and handing it to him. Grant took the fork and blew on it before putting it in his mouth. "How is it?" You asked.

"Are you guys gonna eat too?" He asked. You and Grayson looked at each other and shrugged.

"Sure, why not?" Grayson said, lifting Grant back down to get to the dining table. You cut the pieces of lasagna for you and Gray, grabbing forks and knives for the both of you. You walked back over to the dining table with the two plates. You set them down and went to go get glasses. "Uh, y/n?" You looked back from the cupboard you were opening to grab glasses when Gray called you.

"Yeah?" You grabbed three glasses.

"Plastic for this one?" Gray said, referring to Grant. You smiled and put a glass back. Grabbing a plastic cup that originally belonged to your littel cousin and brought them over to the table.

"Whatcha guys want to drink?" You asked. Grant looked up from his food, which he was already eating.

"Orange juice!" Grant exclaimed, mouth full. You laughed, walking over to the fridge.

"OJ for dinner?" You asked, setting the carton on the table. Grant nodded eagerly. "You can eat," You said to Grayson, who was waiting for you. He shook his head and smiled. "I'd offer you wine or something but I do-" Grayson cut you off.

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