One- Darkness

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The cabin was a few miles away from the temple yet no one ever found it. It was almost midnight and typical him, he cancelled our date. I stared at the small note card laying on top of the orange boxes that had the designer brand, Hermes label on them. There were four boxes and a bouquet of white roses. I picked up the card and in his handwriting, it read:


Something came up at the palace and unfortunately, I have to cancel our date. Enjoy your gifts.


I told him that if he was going to cancel our dates, he has to buy me gifts to pay for wasting my time. I sat on the cold tile floor opening the boxes. They were colorful crocodile skin handbags which I knew he didn't pick.

"I see that you hate your gifts" his voice projects from behind me.

I turn around glaring at his tall figure that leaned against the wall with his arms folded to his chest. He stared at me laughing quietly.

"You do this on purpose! You know I hate roses and those handbags were made from poor animals" I rant.

"Fuck those animals" He says humorly.

"Ugh" I reply throwing one bag towards him.

He quickly used his speed to dodge it and in less than a second, he was right in front of me.

"You're annoying" I tell him.

"You've called me worse" He smirked.

His hand went around my neck and he bends his head down crushing his lips on mine. A surge of energy radiates through my body as our kiss deepens.

"Your lips are chapped" I say to him.

"Way to kill the moment" he groan.

I roll my eyes and walked over to my purse and grabbed a lip balm. He watched me as I gently rubbed it over his lips. After I was done, he grabbed my hand and kissed it.

"What happened at the palace?" I asked curiously.

"There was a security breach but it was a false alarm so we have all night together " He explained.

"Good" I say with a big smile.

"I need to feed, have you eaten food yet?" He asked as he stroked my neck.

"Yes" I reply.

He kissed the side of my neck and all I felt was ecstasy as his fangs dig deep into my neck. My arms were around his waist hugging him as he collects the blood. I entered a deep trance which showed me a vision.

"Baby" his voice brings me back to reality.

"You're finished?" I asked.

"Yes, you have the best tasting blood ever!" he praised.

"Why thank you" I giggle taking his hand into mine.

Naughty thoughts filled my mind. I looked him in the eyes and open my mind to him so he could read it. He quickly picked me and with his speed, we were in the bedroom in seconds. I was on my back and he towered over me.

"Are you dizzy?" He asked worriedly. "I don't want you to faint."

"I'm good baby" I assured.

He then proceed to take me for the next two hours. I'm sure my moaning could be heard from miles away and I didn't give a fuck. The only thing I cared about was being in his arms. I was now in his arms and my legs wrapped against his waist while my back was pressed against the wall. We just finished and I didn't want him to put me down.

"Did you run here?" I asked randomly.

"No my driver drove me. He's still outside" He replied moving us to the window. We peaked out the curtains and saw a black sports car parked outside the cabin and I could see a man at the driver's seat sleeping.

"I don't trust him" I say.

"why? Have you seen a vision?" He asked.

"Not of you. Do you want me to check?" I asked.

"Yes" He replies and settled me onto the bed.

I placed my hand onto his head and saw nothing but darkness which was not normal. Usually, it was a red stain. I felt heartbreak and destruction which caused me to quickly let go of his head.

"Anything unusual?" He asked.

"No" I lied blocking my thoughts so he couldn't read it.

He stared at me long and hard then kissed me lovingly.

"I want you to meet my parents" He says.

"You know I don't like people" I respond.

"Nonsense, my father is the King. He's very understanding" He assured.

"Okay" I agreed.

Today would be four months that we've known each other but it feels longer. The vision I had of him today was still on my mind. I've never seen anything like it. What would we become? Danger was already lurking and I didn't want to add him onto my list of untrustworthy people. He was my Dmitri; chivalrous, benevolent, and good. There was never a sign of darkness in him.

I enjoy the sparks that travel around my body when he touches me. His lips trailed from my neck to my ear.

"You are mine forever, Morowa" Dmitri says.

"I'm yours" I smile.

I felt deep pain in my abdomen area and a very bad headache. Something was wrong back home and I could feel it. Suddenly all I could see was blue.

"Morowa, where are you? You need to come back to the temple now" the voice of my bestfriend, Chioma spoke in my head.

Dmitri suddenly stood up.

"I have to go" He told me quickly.

"Me too" I reply.

He used his speed to put on his clothes quickly while I used an incantation to get me dressed. Dmitri kissed my cheek and ran out of the cabin. I used a quick teleportation stone which led me in front of the temple and there I met up with Chioma.

"It's mama Assi" She told me sobbing.

I sprinted down the temple halls and up to the room of my grandmother who is the High Priestess of the Coven. She told me this day would come but I didn't think it would be so soon.

One of the healers stood beside her and many witches stood near her bed sobbing dramatically. I wanted to cry and scream but I would not allow the rest to see me like this. I was taking over for my grandmother and I was suppose to show no weakness. They all made way for me as I walked up to the healer.

"How did it happen?" I asked the healer.

"She was murdered" the healer says.

Everyone gasped.

"Not by one of us" the healer clarified.

"By whom" I demanded.

"Her killer was a vampire"

I want to clarify something:

When a Vampire feeds, it's like you are donating blood. It won't kill you unless they drink excessively.

I know most of this chapter was dialogue but you should be able to get the concept as you read further on.

Thank you for reading and you can also check out my werewolf book: Unwanted Alpha.

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