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Taehyung stared at Jungkook's retreating figure as the male stormed off into the castle, causing the servant's stomach to do flips. It was clear the Prince was absolutely livid, hence why it wasn't difficult to guess Jungkook would most likely end up doing something he'd regret. However, Taehyung knew he was in absolutely no position to dictate to the Prince what he could and couldn't do, which is why he had no choice but to let Jungkook go.

Meanwhile, the Prince only saw red. He couldn't feel anything but outrage. The fact that the King had lain a hand on Taehyung made his hands tremble with sheer fury after seeing Taehyung's tear-streaked face and the large, purple bruise decorating his cheek.

As Jungkook neared the guest chambers, he quickened his pace, finally reaching the King's room where he guessed he'd be. Not bothering to knock, the raven-haired man pushed the door open, revealing Hoseok and the King who were evidently bickering loudly between themselves.

"Jungkook?" Hoseok said, sounding surprised. His brows were raised at the Prince's actions of not announcing his presence before he entered, however the look of rage etched over his facial expression was enough to silence Hoseok immediately.

"You bastard," the younger spat venomously, standing directly in front of the King. "How dare you touch him? How dare you."

King Kim wore a dry expression on his face as he looked down at the shorter male, shaking his head. "I never realised the Southerners cared this much for their servants," he voiced, adopting an amused tone. "It seems as if we don't have a lot in common."

"You can touch whoever you wish," Jungkook corrected, staring daggers into the King's eyes. "But he's an exception. If you have a problem with me asking him for a dance then come to me. Not him."

The King remained silent, pressing his lips into a thin line. He wondered why Jeon Jungkook, whom he'd heard to be the most self-centred Prince alive clearly cared this much for the servant. However, Hoseok took this as an opportunity to stand between the two men yet again acting as the peacemaker.

"We understand. I'm sorry, on my father's behalf for causing you this much distraught. I'm sure this has been a big misunderstanding," he said calmly, although his face was clearly one of worry. "Is Taehyung okay?"

"You're acting as if you care," Jungkook snorted, taking another step towards the King; their noses only mere centimetres from each other. "If you dare lay another hand on him, don't think I won't call this potential marriage off," he warned, before pushing past Hoseok as he made for the door, not forgetting to slam it shut behind him.


"I cannot believe you'd be this stupid as to offend the Northern family," King Jeon screamed out, his body shaking with enrage. "Your behaviour has gone much too far, Jeon Jungkook. This is blasphemous."

Jungkook, however, remained unfazed at his father. In fact, he felt satisfaction. He'd ensured Taehyung wouldn't be hurt again, which was enough to take his mind off the livid King, who continued to spew remarks at his son, ignoring both Yoongi and the Queen's attempts at calming him down.

"This is the last time you've been warned. Mark my words. One more slip up and I'll make you live through hell," his father threatened, shoving his elder son and wife off.

"You know," the younger drawled out, staring right back at his father challengingly. "You seem pretty good at the parenting stuff, I must say. Don't you think?"

"I'd be better if I had a son who wasn't as pathetic as you," the King shouted out, refusing to lower the pitch of his voice even by a millimetre. "Now get the hell out, Jungkook. Tomorrow you'll be expected to take your future bride out for a walk, and if I find out you've found a way to get yourself out of it, I won't hesitate to kick that low-life servant who's caused all this trouble from the palace."

That was enough to silence the Prince. He knew one more word would be the last straw for Jeon, and he'd end up destroying Taehyung. So instead, Jungkook stormed out the room and strode down the palace hallways, attempting to collect his thoughts.

He'd never acted this rash over anyone before, let alone a mere servant. Jungkook barely cared for anyone, which is why the reality of the situation was blaring right in front of him. The Prince was stubborn, however the facts were blatant.

From the second he witnessed Taehyung looking as vulnerable as he did earlier, Jungkook knew one thing for certain.

He did like him; and he was very much attracted to him. Yoongi's talk had woken him up more than he thought it had. He realised that there was simply no point in denying the fact Taehyung made him weak.

And of course, Jungkook loathed absolutely anything which had the power to take his strength away, yet this time he couldn't help but succumb to it. There was something about the blue-haired boy which was addictive. Jungkook couldn't help but think of him almost every second of the day.

To say the Prince was terrified would be an understatement. He was completely scared of where this would lead, as he wasn't even sure if he'd confess how he felt to the servant, yet he knew he'd be willing to take the chance.

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