The Other Letter

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'I can't believe we never knew about this!' Potty Prof said in Placid's head as they went back to the Mystery Room after asking some questions. There was an underground room inside the Scotland Yard for emergencies. Now Goldie was using it to hold Lucy. It was never used, so when Alfendi came into the force, he wasn't told.

'Because, it wasn't used!' Placid replied. The Prof opened the door to The Mystery Room and found a red envelope. He ran over and opened it immediately.

So... You know the Yard has an Underground base. Good. I know you are itching to see this Lucy Baker, so all you need to do is one thing.

Give me my money. The money you stole from me. Alone.

'This is about money?!' Potty asked angrily. People were so greedy, no matter what.

'With payback.' Placid said, getting ready to go to the bank.


Lucy sighed. For three days, she's only been given water and she was hungry. She may never see the Prof, Dusty, Sniffer, the Commissioner, her family, and everyone else.

'Come on, Lucy, don' think that way!' Her mind said. The door opened too, revealing Goldie, smiling.

"Your detective boy is going to come and give me mah money." Goldie notified before leaving again.

'Oh Prof, 'urry up...'

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