Sequel Request!?

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Heyy y'all,

I've been flooded with requests for a sequel.

I am incredibly indecisive so If I was to write a second book, it might not be as long as the first one.

Writing a sequel will take time and require me to plan and sketch out a meaningful plot, (so if you have any ideas, send them through!!!)

So please bare with me.

If I can't come up with a substantial and interesting plot, I'll write a couple more bonus chapters and that will be the end of Alpha Cyrus.

But don't lose hope! If I write the plot and draft, I will officially start uploading towards the end of the year (December) because I'm always currently re-editing the first book.

I also want to thank you all for the support! It means the fking world to me! I never thought I would get more than 1000reads and I have you all to thank!

Thanks for the 700K reads!!!

Nicole XD

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