Chapter Ten: Trust

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"B-but they got them." Zach cried. I knelt down in front of him and took his hand. He looked up at me to meet my frowning face. "Your family?" I asked, he stayed quiet until he nod his head hesitantly. "He took my family hostage. He forced me to become the slave that i am today because I couldn't find the fucking thing he wanted from my father." Zach explained.

I squeezed his arms, "Do you have a daughter?" I asked. He nod his head once again, "I have two kids. A boy named Ian and a girl named Alice. They took them, my wife and my kids." Zach's voice cracked again, i could tell that he was hurt.

I bit my bottom lip down, trying to stop myself from getting emotionally attached. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" I asked, my frown deepening. "I..." he looked away from me, more tears coming down. "I couldn't. I warned myself not to trust you or anyone living in this manor. And yet, here i am." Zach escaped a sob.

"Who is them?" I asked once again, "Them...the mafias. Don't you know about them (y/n)? They are your husband's allies, along with your father-in-law." Zach asked quizzically, he looked at me in disbelief. I shook my head no, " I don't." I wandered my eyes down at the floor, trying to think it all out.

I helped him stand up and let him sit on the bed, i sat beside him and looked at him in the eyes. "You can trust me." I gave Zach a reassuring smile, "I just don't want my family dead. Please, i beg of you. Don't ever tell sir Leo that i had told you everything. Or else, my family will be executed." Zach bit back a cry.

I nod my hand and hugged him, i gave him a pat on the back and let go of him. I looked into his eyes and spoke, "I will help you, as long as you help me." I announced. He smiled at me, his eyes were still teary from the emotions he must be still going through.

"I trust you (y/n)."

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