Chapter Nine: A Cup Of Tea

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(Y/n)'s POV
I woke up by a wince of pain. I felt something cold touch my injured cuts, it sting. I opened my eyes halfway, my mind was still messed up. My eyesight was still a blur, my head was spinning around but it did not hurt.

My eyesight began to function slowly again, the dizziness fading away slowly. I blinked a couple of times and i regained back my consciousness. I looked to my right and saw Zach treating my wrist with a cotton ball as he damped it to my cut, the coldness hitting my skin once again.

I got up from the bed steadily. I felt a pain in my neck. I looked at the mirror that was across from the bed, there was marks and a sign of strangulation. I glared at myself in disgust, i should have been more competitive.

He looked up at me and gave me a smile. "Ah, you're awake." He chuckle, "How sad." I murmur. There was complete silence as i let him treat my wounds. I looked down at my legs and saw that one of my foot was injured. It was wrapped around in a bandage, but i could still see the bloodstains.

"When i was getting you out of there, you stepped on some glass shards." Zach explained, noticing that i was looking at the sole of my foot. I turned to him, i saw the gun he had on his left side, it was captivated on a black leather holster.

I stared at it. "You have a gun." I commented without making any eye contact with him, "Yes, i do." Zach answered back. I stared right back at him, "What else can you do?" I smirked. He chuckle in response. "I'm a skilled knife thrower. I worked inside a circus before." He smiled at me.

I raised my brow, clearly surprised. "A circus, you say? Then how did you ended up here?" I asked, leaning forward. I was interested by the looks of it. He froze there, his facial expression turning into a frown. He had his mouth open, but he soon pressed both of his lips together.

He looked away from me and redraw back his hands that was occupied by nursing my injuries. "I-its nothing.." he whispered as he bowed his head and looked at my wrist, he continued on by nursing my injuries.

"If you say so..." i answered back, giving him a small smile. When he was done, he stood up and began to clean up the medical supplies. He didn't make eye contact with me and just left without a word.

When he was gone, i stood up from the bed and began to walk at the balcony doors. I began to twist it open, but it was locked shut. I looked at the corners where large gaps was. I could see them, i could see men in black. They stood there like statues, they looked like they were guarding this place.

The other men in black was walking around. The men walking had their own paths, it was the same like they were just circling around. It was almost like a routine, repeated over and over again.

I backed away and went to the door and got out of the room. Then i heard Leo's voice from downstairs. I squat down and saw who he was talking to. There was gaps on the dark wooden railings, but i couldn't be seen by the shadows that covered me.

I saw Franzeska and Leo talking, but there was someone else beside Franzeska. It was another girl. It was the girl that i saw when Franzeska was leaving, she was taller than what i imagined. She had short brown hair, neutral skin colour, green emerald eyes and was slender like Franzeska, but unlike Franzeska, she still had meat and bones on her.

But something about her made me feel suspicious. She wasn't looking at Franzeska or Leo, she wasn't looking at me. She was looking at the air, she looked dazed. Her eyes didn't show emotion, her posture was straight. She didn't make any movement, she didn't look alive. Almost like, she actually isn't alive.

Then, she made eye contact with me. My heart skipped a beat, i began to panic. I went lower and turned away from her. "(Y/n), come down here." I heard Leo. I froze in place, suddenly unable to move. I snapped out of it and stood up immediately.

I began to pat down the wrinkled fabric of my clothing and chuckle nervously, acting as if nothing actually happened. All eyes were on me, i felt uneasy. I was in the middle of the staircase, i saw Zach standing there with a face palm.

I went down the stairs and met the short haired girl, she stood there and just stared at me. Franzeska abruptly cleared her throat and looked at the girl whose name tag showed her name. "Vien, its quite rude to stare at guests." Franzeska stated in a warning tone, Vien suddenly blinked. "Yes. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience." Vien stated.

Her voice was unemotional, it felt no sincerity. She talked with monotone. She blinked again, her face was straight, her eyes didn't wander anywhere else. Franzeska turned to me, "This is Vien Takahashi, she's my assistant." Franzeska introduced as she gave me a small forced smile.

I smiled at Vien, "Hi, i'm (y/n) Ainsley its nice meeting you." I reached out for a handshake but Vien didn't took it. I redraw back and turned to face Leo, "I'll make us some tea." I glared at Leo and walked out and went into the kitchen.

I began to make tea when a hand held onto my shoulder. I turned around and saw Zach, "What are you doing? You shouldn't be here," Zach stated with panic on his voice as he wandered his eyes around.

I ignored him and began to look for something. I was about to reach for the cabinets above me when Zach slapped my hand away. "Oh no you're not. Don't even try to poison boss Leo." Zach sigh. I turned to him, "I'm tired of his bullshit, i want him dead." I growled.

Zach put both of his hands on my shoulder blades and pushed me away from the counter. "Sir Leo is smarter than you think. And..." he stopped and let out a sigh, "Just let me handle this. Go upstairs, i'll handle this. Okay?" He raised a brow, waiting for my answer.

I stayed still for a moment and then nod my head. "Fine." I murmur. He smiled, "Good. I'll make the tea, then go upstairs." Zach nod his head to himself and proceed making the tea. When he was done, he held the tray with his hands and we both went out of the kitchen.

"Miss (y/n) is quite sick right now. She'll be excusing her attendance, i'm very sorry for the inconvenience." Zach stated warmly, he placed down the tray of hot tea and beckon a maid to assist them.

Zach began to drag me back to my room. He shut the door close and let out a sigh of relief, "Ma'am, if you want to live please—" i stepped forward and shook my head. "No Zach, i'm not staying in the dark anymore," i placed my hand to my heart and arched my brows.

"I'm done of being hurt. I want to make a move. Zach, he killed everyone i loved. Don't you understand that? He killed all of them!" I raised my voice. Zach scowled and held both of my shoulders, making me stay in place as i stared up at him.

"I know! I know what it feels like. My..." his words faded away, his eyes becoming teary. He loosened his hold of me, "My family was murdered," Zach's voice cracked, i could feel he was hurt. He let go of me, his tears staining the floor.

He looked up at me, his expression softening. "My family was murdered in front of my own eyes (y/n), i know how you feel," Zach stated. He stepped forward, "His father murdered my family from some fucking thing that my father didn't worked out off," Zach said with full of hatred on his voice as he pointed at the door.

"My whole family was murdered (y/n)..." his voice cracked as he knelt down and sobbed. "I was so young back then...i-i didn't know what to do...but he got them." he said, his voice becoming quieter until it turned into a whisper.

I looked down at him, then everything began to clear. He had a ring on his hand, my eyes widened with fear for him.

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