Shitpost [NOT A CHAPTER]

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Darryl: Zak what are you-
Zak: hush hush hush, blush blush blush, you are now my big fat crush!
Darryl: what
Zak: I'm single as I can be, you're singel purrfect for me,
Darryl: ಠ -‹ ಠ
Zak: I'm gonna give you a bunch of reasons why you should date me! ÙwÚ
Zak: reason number one I'm supah hot
Zak: reason number two she's super not
Zak: reason number three I'm all you got and all you got is someone hot
Darryl: W h a t -
Zak: bOi check my resume, you want a background check? Ok!
Zak: first name hawt and last name bish
Zak: wanna get with me now that's a stitch
Zak: you think I'm trash? Hell no I'm class,
Darryl: I don't-
Zak: and I got a bit fat ass
Darryl: *literally backs away* ಠ///-‹///ಠ
Zak: and all I gotta say is..
Darryl: don't continue--
Zak: because I'm single, s i n g l e
Darryl: *opens mouth but doesn't say anything*
Zak: love me
Darryl: o-
Zak: and hug me,
Darryl: I don't like where-
Zak: and touch me
Darryl: this is goiiiingggg-
Zak: and we'll, fUcK mE
Darryl: no please let me live I don't wanna get raped by a muffin-
Zak: not now, yOu wiLl tHo!-

Me: I am breaking the fourth wall and I'm stopping you two right now from doing that *makes a magical box and puts Darryl in it*

Zak: lEt mE iN
Zak: lET mE iIIiIiiIiIiN!

This is actually better than most of my chapters.
Ok bye lmao

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