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The numerous times Rosie had sent a letter to Jisoo, in which Jisoo never responded to, until she did.



start of writing: august 19, 2019
end of writing: september 15, 2019

start of publication: august 20, 2019
end of publication: september 15, 2019



there are triggering content that is implied in this fic, so be cautious when going forward in reading this.



crush culture by conan gray

hello, anxiety by phum viphurit

pretty girl by clairo

one and only by cuco

cool by zack villere

out of my league by stephen speaks



this is only a work of (fan)fiction, but please don't steal any part of this story.

i've had this idea for so long and i finally got to write it and share it with you guys!

please do enjoy!

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