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Every Other Freckle - Alt-J


I woke with a start as the credits to Empire Records rolled loudly on screen. The room was dark except for the dancing light coming from the TV. Jey's head was resting on my shoulder, his eyes fluttering under his eyelids and the blanket pulled up to his chin. Aspen had rolled away from him, tucked into the corner section of the sectional and snoring softly. I carefully extricated myself from beside Jey and grabbed another blanket from the end of the couch, covering Aspen gently. Jey started to stir as I moved around. He looked up at me, blinking in the light. "Hey," I smiled, sitting down next to him and smoothing his hair, "Do you want to stay here or you want to go get in bed?" He pulled the blanket up over his head and made a series of incredibly cute, sleepy noises. "I wanna get in your bed," he said, sleep slurring his words. I glanced over my shoulder at the closed door at the top of the stairs, then scooped him up, one hand under his legs and one behind his back.

As I carried him down the hall to my bedroom, he leaned his head back against my shoulder. He exhaled softly and his breath against my neck made goosebumps race up my arms so suddenly I thought I might drop him. I placed him gently on the bed and laid down next to him. He lifted his arm, raising the blanket wrapped around him so that I could slide in next to him. He tucked his face into my neck. I shivered as his breath tickled me again and I could feel him smile against my skin. Jey started to kiss my neck, then. He traced a line down from my ear, just barely touching his lips to me. It was agonizing and I desperately wanted more. A soft moan parted my lips, completely against my will and he began to kiss more urgently. He was giving me hickies now, sucking hard and biting gently. I was breathing heavily, my fists clenched around a handful of his shirt.

He stopped for a moment and propped himself up on one elbow, smiling at me. I arched my back so our lips met, then. His mouth was already open from his smile and I used my tongue to trace the back of his teeth. He moaned then and I could feel him, hard, against my leg. I put my hands on his hips, pulling him up onto my lap. He was biting my ear now, pulling on it with his teeth and his fingers were dancing at the collar of my t-shirt, slipping under the fabric and sliding across my skin. His touch was electric. Every inch of my skin felt like it was vibrating. Hannah, or any other girl for that matter, had never made me feel like this. I was kissing his neck now, his head thrown back and his legs wrapped around my waist, squeezing. I chased his Adam's apple with my tongue as delicious moans made it bob up and down his throat. I finally caught it, tracing its outline. He grabbed my shirt then, pulling over my head in a swift motion and throwing it on the floor.

His fingers, thin and cold, traced up and down the line of the surgical scar on my back. Our kissing had slowed now, more purposeful and deep. I slid my own hands under his shirt, relishing way the soft folds of the skin on his stomach felt under my hands. He sighed into my mouth pulled back, pulling his own shirt off. I leaned back on my elbows. The moonlight illuminated his milky skin with an ethereal blue glow. I ran my fingertips along the graceful curve of his collarbone, then wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him against me. Once I felt the white-hot touch of his skin against mine, I knew it was all over for me.


The next morning dawned bright and white. I woke up tangled up with the blankets and with Jey. His legs were wrapped up with mine, his toes freezing against my skin. He had put the pillow over his head and I lifted it gently to find him already awake, his brown eyes smiling at me. "Good morning, you dirty whore," he whispered. I pushed the pillow back down over his head and climbed onto him, pushing it onto his face. "I'm going to smother you," I told him, "you just let me know when you're dead." I heard him laugh and moved the pillow again. His curls spilled across the sheets and he was belly-laughing now, a warm and joyful sound. I couldn't help but grin back. He reached up a hand to the back of my neck and pulled my face to his, kissing me more tenderly than I knew possible. "Hey Benjamin," he said against my lips, "still not sure if you like boys?" I laughed incredulously and pushed off him, climbing off the bed and pulling on a pair of sweatpants. "One thing at a time, Jorge," I winked at him.

We dressed and went out to the family room. Aspen sat up suddenly, a confused look on her face. Her ashy-blonde hair was sticking up wildly and she had one eye squinted against the brilliant light reflecting in from the snow outside. "What day is it?" she asked gruffly. Jey laughed, "it's Saturday. You slept over at Benji's because of the weather, remember?" She licked her lips, satisfied with his answer and laid back down, pulling the blanket over her head.

Upstairs, Mom was making pancakes as bacon sizzled in another pan. Zoe was chattering her ear off about the school play she had auditioned for. "Good morning boys," mom smiled warmly and kissed me on the cheek, then she grabbed Jey's shoulder as he turned to sit at the table and kissed his cheek too, "you too, Bonus Kid." He blushed deeply and tried to hide his smile behind his sleeve. "So," she said, sliding a blueberry pancake onto Zoe's plate, "I heard the snowplow out this morning and I was thinking that since Jey didn't make it over here with much of his stuff," she gestured at his outfit, made entirely of my clothing, "that I could send you boys out to get him some new stuff."
"Oh, Mrs. Krol," Jey sighed, "you don't have to do that for me."
"Alexa," mom corrected, "no more Mrs. Krol. And yes, I do. It's not a big deal. Andrew has been working tons of overtime and I can't have two kids wandering around looking like a sporting goods store threw up on them." She shot my adidas shirt a pointed look.
"Thank you, Alexa. I really don't deserve you being so good to me."
Aspen stumbled upstairs as Mom opened her mouth to answer him. She still had the blanket wrapped around her shoulders but she had smoothed her hair down a little. "Good morning, Krol Clan," she mumbled, taking a seat at the table.

I could tell Jey was excited to go out. He wolfed down his breakfast and quickly excused himself to go shower. All through the meal, my mom kept giving me little looks. Her eyebrows would furrow a tiny bit and the corner of her mouth would raise up in the tiniest of smiles, but she didn't say a word. By the time I was finished eating, I was just relieved to be out from under her gaze.

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