When you're wrong

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Rule Number Fifty-Five: Don't cry over someone, who doesn't cry over you.

"Wow it's crazy to think that's in you right now" Tom's stare was so intense at the screen with our baby on it. Almost as though if he were to look away it would disappear as if it were a dream.

He was already so in love with the baby and that made me even more in love with him. This baby made me want to work on things with Tom. To forget about Harry and my horrible past. We could be a happy family.

"Do you want to know the sex?" The ultrasound technician asked. Both of us shook our head 'no'. It didn't matter to either of us, as long as the baby was healthy.

This what I had wanted for so long and now it was happening, everything felt right. Handing me a paper towel to wipe off the gel on my very small bump, they left leaving me and Tom alone.

"I'm so happy your pregnant, the last year has been tough between us. But I'm ready to take this head on. Me and you forever baby"  Tom's face lit up as his hands grabbed mine. I hadn't been this happy in months. Certainly not with him. He was going to be a great dad, I was sure of it.

Life had been so full of unhappiness and a mere five months ago I was begging for Harry to love me. I was also anorexic and hospitalized for dehydration. It was the lowest part of my life and now I was here.

Happy and in love.

"Me too Tom" I leaned over to kiss him. I could spend forever with him.


Harry was right.

I had no idea who I was around my family. I'd lied to myself about what I really wanted. I just wanted what I thought was normal but really our normal was shit. Material things and always being fake wasn't normal or least it shouldn't have been.

Me and Harry were on the same flight home. It was weird, we both went on with our own business as if we were two strangers in a small space.

He sat infront of me a couple of seats ahead by the aisle. The baby pushed on my bladder when ever it wanted and so I talked the old guy beside me into allowing me to sit in the aisle seat instead.

I watched Harry the whole flight home. He never once got up. His face drawn down towards his phone. The words he had said last night echoed through my mind. He had finally told me he loved me. And it felt nothing like I thought it would.

We got off the plane and we went our separate ways. People shuffled quickly to their loved ones and I struggled to get my suitcases on the cart.

Making my way to the front I pulled out my phone. Hoping to god my driver remembered to be here when asked.

"My parents sent me a car, just come with me" I looked up from my phone to see Harry with the lone bag he had slung over his shoulder.

He looked worse for wear, clearly hung over by the sickly sweat that gathered on his forehead. I couldn't manage all these bags by myself in my current position.

"Sure" I agreed and he took the cart from my possession. Coming to the car, he helped the driver load my bags in.

We drove in silence, Harry softly smiled at me but kept to himself. And when we finally arrived at my building the sun had set on the city. I was exhausted and couldn't wait to crawl into bed.

The plane ride had made me horribly sick. A sharp pain hit my abdomen and everytime it did I wanted to vomit.

I would rest and see how I felt in the morning. And if it wasn't any better I would be at the doctor's office within an hour.

A thin film of sweat gathered on my forehead. It was hot for spring and so I blamed it on the humidity.

"You feeling alright?" Harry asked as he helped me out of the car.

"Ya just tired" I mumbled. He hoisted my bags out of the trunk one in both hands. I took the suitcase and made my way to elevator.

Things were indifferent between us and there wasn't anything left to say. I wanted the best for Harry. Everything we had went through meant something.

In a different world maybe we could've been together.

The elevator opened to the lonely penthouse on the tenth floor that over looked the twinkling city.

I advised Harry to place the bags in my closet for the house keeper. When the last suitcase was put down. I motioned to the door to lead him out.

When we got to the door he turned to say his goodbyes.

"I'm sorry for making a fool out of myself last night" he apologized, his hands stuffed in his jacket out of nervousness.

I held the bottom of my stomach, a sharp pain coming again. This time radiating to my lower back.

"It's water under the bridge Harry. What happened, happened" I smiled tightly hoping he didn't pick up on my discomfort.

"I can't spend the rest of my life chasing you, but that doesn't mean I won't always be here" he said the comment more for himself.

I hoped he stayed in the city and found a life that made him happy. And that I could watch him blossom knowing I made the right choice.

He hit the elevator button to call for it's arrival.

"Thank you" I finally responded when I took a breath that I had been holding for eternity.

Harry stepped inside and gave me a small wave before the door closed. I stood there for a moment digesting what this really meant.

Whatever me and Harry had was really over. He loved me and I loved him. But that wasn't enough and it was all a little too late considering.

Going into the washroom, I started the shower hoping the hot water would calm my nerves.

I stripped down and was greeted by the warm water that cascaded down my body. The pain struck again and this time it was so fierce I had to hold the wall. Stars dotted my vision and saliva gathered in my mouth warning me that I was soon to puke.

I was so sick I wanted to cry. I was in trouble something wasn't right. Maybe I just had the flu and was being over dramatic. But I couldn't take the chance. I needed to call Harry and have him take me to the hospital.

Grabbing the glass sliding door of my shower, red flowing water caught my eye. It's pinky hue swirled down the drain and my heart stopped.

Anxiety panged my chest and I didn't want to look down but out of reaction my eyes snapped to between my legs. Blood carried down my skin to my toes. I was bleeding and badly, I had never seen so much blood in my life it made me faint.

With shaky legs I made my way into the bedroom. My wet hands shaking to find my phone. It slipped out of my hands onto the floor and I cursed. Picking it up again, I pushed Harry's number.

It didn't ring twice before he picked up.

"Harry, you need to come back. Something's happened to the baby".

This is the turning point in the story. Its the tip of something huge and will change everything. It will cause havoc. Any predictions?

Lol and to the person that inboxed me and asked if there were going to be anymore Hana sex scenes. Don't worry, I got you girl ;) And a question for all: what is your favourite type of book? One with both POVs Harry's and the main character or one with just the main characters POV with our Harry's?

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