Thomas the Movie Maker

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(Based on an idea by Transformersprimefan) 

It was Summer on Sodor and Thomas was at Crovan's Gate. He was boasting to Skarloey, Rheneas and Freddie about the time he was in India and had been the star of a Bollywood action movie. 

"Rajiv was a bit jealous after the crowds and director cheered for me!" he concluded. 

"What a wonderful experience that must have been!" said Skarloey. 

"In all my old days, I've never encountered anything like that," added Freddie. 

"They should make movies about us," pondered Skarloey, "tell the story of the time Rheneas saved the Thin Controller's Railway!" 

"Or a documentary about my old short cut track discoveries!" chortled Freddie grandly. 

Thomas giggled and left his Narrow Gauge friends to their fantasising. 

But as Thomas puffed along the line, he couldn't stop thinking about movie making. The more he thought, the more he considered the idea of making his own movie! 

(He passes Percy and imagines...) 

"And Gordon was speeding out of control! His passengers were frightened...." 


"And who do you think came along just in time? You guessed it, it's SUPERSTAR THOMAS!" 


"And Superstar Thomas saved the day! His Lordship, Sir Topham Hatt praised him for his bravery and honour and..." 

Thomas jolted with a start and saw that he had bumped into an indignant Toby. 

"Oops! Hehe...sorry, Toby." 

Later, Thomas was given news by Rebecca. 

"An engine with a very cool name is coming to the Island from the Mainland today! His name is Hurricane!" 

"Wow!" said Thomas excitedly. "We're friends, Hurricane and I. Though, hehe, not at first." 

He told Rebecca about his visit to the Mainland and about how he and James were kept in the Steelworks for a while. 

"But Hurricane was a hero in the end," concluded Thomas, "he pushed me away from the molten slag and melted his own front wheels in the process!" 

"Wow! Hero Hurricane!" giggled Rebecca. 

That made Thomas think... 

Later, Hurricane came to Sodor with some heavy cargo to go on a ship at Brendam Docks. 

Thomas was looking forward to seeing his friend again. And he was sure Hurricane would like his idea. 

He met Hurricane talking to Salty at the Docks. 

(Porter, Cranky, Carly and Big Mickey can be seen.) 

"Arr! And the electric eel fried up the giant squid and his inky tentacles melted into the sea bed. And that's why some parts of the sea are too dark to see into!" 

"Great story, Salty!" said Hurricane pleasantly. "Oh! Hello, Thomas!" 

"Hi, Hurricane!" whistled Thomas. "Haven't seen you for a while, but Merlin was here not long ago. He had Percy completely fooled with his invisibility!" 

"And very likely, himself too!" chortled Hurricane. 

The engines chuckled. 

"I've nothing to do for a little while," said Hurricane, "let's catch up, Thomas!" 

So the two engines puffed away and Thomas was showing Hurricane around his branch line. And that was when Thomas told him about the Bollywood movie and his own desire to make one of his own. 

Hurricane gleamed. 

"I have an idea!" he said. 

"Oh?" asked Thomas. He hadn't had a chance to offer his idea yet. 

"Maybe we could make a film about me as a super engine!" he said. "After all, I'm Hurricane, like a storm! It sounds perfect!" 

"That was going to be my idea!" pouted Thomas. "But I'm glad you agree! But how can we make it?" 

Hurricane thought. 

"We'd need a camera..." 

Thomas smiled. 

"The Vicar has old cameras! We'll ask him to film it on Edward's branch line! Edward's at the Steamworks, so the lines will be clear mostly!" 

Hurricane smiled. The plan was coming to action. 

The Vicar was pleased to help, though he wasn't sure if the idea would work on such short notice. Rebecca was also a willing participant. She was going to play what the Vicar called the heroine! Thomas would direct, the Vicar would film and Hurricane would be the hero! 

At the Steamworks, Victor's workmen painted a hero mask over Hurricane's face. He felt very special. Thomas grew more and more excited. 

(Edward can be seen on the hoist, looking puzzled.) 

Finally, the film was ready to be made. The Vicar stood on the platform, Thomas stood beside him to direct the action and Rebecca was due to pass by as if out of control and would be rescued from the Bashy Breaking Buffers by Heroic Hurricane. 

"Action!" called Thomas. 

Hurricane looked grand as he waited for Rebecca to come along on her 'runaway'. But then there was trouble! 

Rebecca did come down the line, but she was going so fast along the track that she nearly swerved off the rails at the bend. 


"Cinders and ashes!" gasped Thomas. 

"I'm coming, Rebecca!" called Hurricane. 

Heroic Hurricane rushed onto the same track as Rebecca and let her bump him, and then he set his own brakes to slow her down. 

"I've got you, Rebecca!" he groaned as he pushed and braked as hard as he could. 

Thomas and the Vicar looked on in awe as Hurricane and Rebecca finally slowed down to a halt. 

"That was a near thing!" gasped Hurricane. 

"You're telling me...but you saved me, Hurricane!" cheered Rebecca. 


Thomas and the Vicar were impressed. 

"And we caught the whole real life rescue on tape!" cheered Thomas. 

"This will be in the news," said the Vicar cheerfully. 

The Vicar was right. 

The following day, at Knapford, the Vicar and the Fat Controller proudly presented the front page article of Heroic Hurricane rescuing Rebecca. 

Although the Fat Controller told Thomas and Rebecca that they had to work on his railway, and not play games, Thomas and Rebecca would like to make another movie with Heroic Hurricane...and Hurricane himself rather enjoyed playing and being a heroic engine! 

(The End!)

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