Chapter One- You're Never Alone

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When you breathe in, or inhale, your diaphragm contracts and moves downward. This increases the space in your chest cavity, into which your lungs expand.
I mean, that's what's suppose to happen but really, I feel like my lungs aren't doing shit. I want to give up, to take a minute to breathe but doing so, I'll die. One thing I can't do right now.

I'm running from those snarling biters which makes me their live bait. If i were to throw a dead bunny on the ground, they'd still chase after me. They like their food to squirm and scream. I make left and right turns just enough so i can see that they look like a pin from a distance.

With my lungs burning, quoting races through my mind until it comes back up that quitting is not my answer. I see a small damaged house with boarded windows taking place of what used to be glass. Without thinking about the dangers that could be inside, i just ram in. I can't handle a dozen on my own but i sure can handle one...if im lucky there isn't more than one in here.

I frantically close the door and press my weight against it. I grab my chest in pain and try to control my breathing. I should be used to this by now. The creaks of the wind howling against the house freaks me out. Being alone only comes with great risks.

Finally where i am good enough to breathe steadily, I make my way into the living room. A small two story house with pictures hanging. Admiring it, there stands a mom and dad a son and two daughters. I smirk at the picture. All the kids had made silly faces while the parents look annoyed. I used to take pictures with my siblings like that until my parents had enough.

I stroll into the kitchen with my knife ready and with my gun pointed. The kitchen is damaged with utilities throw everywhere. Old ripped newspapers cover the floods and the back door locked. I check the doors and closets on this floor then check the up stairs. I made clear of three bedrooms and one bathroom. This house is clean. It's no longer a memory to the dead anymore.

I head into the kitchen scavaging for cans or anything that is edible. I reach one cabinets and I light up with happiness. In my hands hold a can of peaches.

I break open the seal with my knife and relax on the sofa all alone. That is while I'm trying to enjoy, the snapping and snarls of a dozen biters haunt the streets. There is no peace anymore. I quietly make my way up stairs and eat my peaches on the blue bed.

Like always I'm left alone with the biters.


The sun beams into my eyes, not letting me sleep. But someone fixes that. The sun isn't the only thing that wakes me up.
A man's strong, stern voice terrifies me with two words.

"Get up."

Yesss im doing two stories on Rick but this one isn't as slow as the other. Read both and enjoy :)

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