character q&a answers!

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q: favorite thing about changbin?
a: it's hard to pinpoint just one thing i like about him, but i guess what made me was his personality :]

q: do you like pizzas? since you like changbin...
a: who doesnt like pizza?! except for pineapple on pizza *shudders*

q: if two witches would watch two watches, which witch would watch which watch?
a: ..what? 0-0


q: favorite cuddle position?
a: thats only one felix can know :)

q: favorite thing about felix?
a: his freckles and laugh

q: do you ever wonder how cute felix is and how lucky u r and u just cry over him?
a: i dont need to wonder because i know. but i am lucky :)

q: do you kill mosquitos? if yes then you're literally killing felix's brothers and sisters.
a: i mean, i'm not tryna get malaria...

q: 69?
a: 😳..?


q: why are you so s m o l and adorable? uwu
a: hehe thank you ^_^

q: bby uwu, marry me pls.
a: uwu?

q: if you were in aladdin's place, what would you wish for?
a: hm that's hard. maybe i'd wish for world peace or something ^_^


q: i dont know what to ask so uwu
a: uwu to you too

q: marry me please i'm lonely ps. you're adorable
a: ah, sorry i'm.. taken. yes! taken..

q: channieeeeeee, i wuuuuuuuv you. you look hot in blonde hair srsly
a: thank u haha

q: eat to live or live to eat?
a: live to eat, obviously


q: how many more cats do you want?
a: as much as i can take care of

q: you love jisung, i love jisung, we all love jisung!
a: how do you love jisung? you dont even know him..

q: what's heavier, 1kg of iron or 1kg of cotton?
a: neither. they're the same weight.


q: why do i love you so much?
a: ah its seems to be happening to everyone..

the author (me!)

q: any future book ideas? :)
a: i always have ideas for books but it's hard for me to go through with ideas. as of now though, i only have one book that i'm still writing. it's called this summer and it's a jeongchan book. if you wanna check it out, it's in my books written <3

q: can you gimme some rare au suggestions??
a: hm i'm not too good at au ideas but
- person a and person b are both babysitting their sister/brother when they accidentally switch baby carriages and have to find each other again
- person a works at an amusement park and person b is on a ride when it breaks down. person a saves person b's life.
- person a accidentally sends person b his nudes instead of homework answers
hope these satisfy your needs lol

q: how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
a: a lot i guess

hi guys!! so with this character q&a being finished, i'd like to declare this the official OFFICIAL end of this book :) thank you so much for reading it and for leaving so many nice comments!! <3

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