Chapter 24

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"STOP, stop the wedding right now" a feminine voice rang throughout the room as the doors were aggressively pulled open

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"STOP, stop the wedding right now" a feminine voice rang throughout the room as the doors were aggressively pulled open.

It was like a domino affect everyone's head had snapped towards the direction of the up coming chaos.

I spun around to face the front and I would've fallen back from shock if it wasn't for Xavier's rough hand firmly placed on my waist for support. Those same piercing blue eyes that I'd learnt to despise over time. Those same blonde waves that were always moulded into perfection.

"Stop" my mother charged forward but a team of guards made their way over to her before she could get any closer.

"Caterina" My father said his voice nothing above a whisper. Once realisation hit him he cleared his throat and his eyes turned deadly locking away the longing I had managed to see.

"Your ruining your life Thea don't do this to yourself. Please don't do this" she pleaded.
Before my father had a chance to come up with a bitter remark I scoffed painfully and everyone in the room switched their attention to me. Xavier squeezed my hand in comfort and I squeezed it tightly showing him that I was ok.

"How dare you" I took a step down from the alter my dress trailing behind me.

"You have not right to step in this hall and tell me what the fuck I'm doing is wrong because you abandoned me years ago. At the age of fucking five years old you left me to snort cocaine with your hot shot lawyer boyfriend" I glowered my hands shaking with a sudden burst of anger.

"I'm sorry" she let her head fall.

"No I'm sorry. I'm sorry I spent my childhood crying over someone like you who truly didn't care" I laughed.

"And now you think you can march in acting like you actual give a fuck. So tell me why now why out of the last 13 years you choose to show up today." I smiled sarcastically.

"Because I left him and I realised that I've done some regretful things" she said trying to step closer but the guards held a tight grip on her.

"Let her go for now I wanna hear what she has to say" I rolled my eyes trying to keep up a cool facade but I didn't know how long I could keep it up before bursting into flames.

"Wait did you say some regretful things try a fucking lot. For gods sake you left your 4 year old in a parking lot to go do drugs not once not twice but more times than I can fucking count" I laughed.

"And what about Lee if you didn't care about me fine but what did Lee ever do to you" I seethed.

"I love Lee and I-

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