dirty harry styles imagine

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Hey guys my names beth... This is my first dirty imagine so I'm sorry if ts crap :(


I was really bored, I had the house to myself all week as my parents were on holiday!, I decided to call up my 5 best friends niall,harry,louis,zayn&Liam! I asked them if they wanted to stay at mine for the week and they all agreed and came over about an hour later!

I had a HUGE crush on harry styles! But I'd never tell as I didn't want our friendship ruined but I told niall&Zayn about my crush!

And zayn said 'hey let's play truth or dare!' Harry and niall immediately said 'YES' Niall And Zayn Winked at me I knew what they was up to!

The Bottle stopped and faced Harry 'SHIT' I said to myself! Niall+Zayn smirked and winked at me! And said 'Harry... Truth Or Dare?!' Immediately harry shouted 'DARE' Niall Whispered Into Zayns Ear and Zayn Said To Harry ' I Dare You To Make Out With (Y/N) for 2 Mins! 'FUCK I'm Gonna kill you too' I shouted to niall and zayn and they burst out laughing! Harry went bright red so did I! I didn't know this until niall just texted me saying 'harry has always had a huge crush on you too! Look at his face' I went even more red then I turned to face harry & his face was like 1cm away from mine! He brushed his lips softly over mine and I whispered into his ear 'harry don't tease just kiss me' and I lay back and pulled him on top of me, our lips crashed together and his tongue ran across my bottom lip and I let him in, I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist pushing him down onto me more, and I heard the door shut the boys had left and gone into the back garden and left us alone! Harry got up and said' wow (Y/N) you don't know how long I've waited for this, I've always had a huge crush on you!' I went bright red and said 'aww harry I've always liked you too but been too afraid to admit to it,' and he said 'hmm alone at last' and pointed to the stairs he picked me up bridal style and threw me onto my bed and done a little strip tease, Ugg Harry Why do you have to be so hot I shouted as he pulled down his CK boxers, I got up off the bed and ran into harry he crashed into the wall and he took me top off as he was kissing all over my neck, 'Naughty Girl, you shouldn't of moved off the bed, gonna have to punish you now' Harry whispered into my Ear!, 'punish me then' I said back he smirked and turned around pushing me to the wall, he unclasped my bra and kissed all around my boobs and eventually started to suck on my nipples making me moan "harry stop being a tease' 'sorry babe, I said I'm gonna punish you' harry replied, he slowly took off my shorts which left me in nothing but a pair of panties. 'Ugh harry' I moaned as he licked me thru my panties as I was about to cum he stopped, stood up and winked at me, I couldn't take any more I ran into harry and pushed him on the bed landing on top of him, 'STOP TEASING I WANT YOU NOW' I screamed harry replied 'well... If you insist, abit needy aint we' ;) harry dived on top of me attacking my neck with lovebites when unexpectedly he slammed his hard 8 inch cock inside me 'ahhh god' I screamed , it felt so good finnaly having harry inside me! 'AHH FU*K HARRY Your so big' I screamed as I cum'd on his dick , Ah yes (Y/N) you feel so good harry screamed as he cum'd into me hmm well that was amazing harry said 'hmm babe I love you I always have since the day I met you' I replied blushing, 'babe! I have always loved you too but never said anything cuz I was scared you never felt the same' we hugged, then kissed one last time. Then we got changed into swim suits and went to go in the pool outside when we heard niall&zayn saying 'AHH FU*K HARRY YOUR SO BIG' and liam&louis saying 'AH Yes (Y/N) you feel so good we both blushed and said 'shut up you lot' and Niall replied saying 'bet your both glad me+zayn gave you that dare now aint ya' we both nodded and kissed while the boys all said ' gosh guys get a room' harry replied saying ' we do have a room' and winked at me then we all went out into the pool and had a fun day splashing around & throwing water bombs at each other and just messing around :-) later on in the day

Me & Harry was making out on the couch in the sitting room, the boys walked in and coughed, we both looked up and went red and said 'hey guys, we were just talking' and winked at each other

'Let's put earplugs in this time' niall said to the boys

Me&harry burst out laughing and ran upstairs

Ready for round 2 ;)


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