Name: Sam Okumara
Age: 14
Species: Demon (like Rin)
Relationships: Rin (and I couldn't remember Rin's brother) (and she is their sister since they were seperated from each other)

Powers: Blue flames, strength, summon any weapon, speed

Sexuality: None
Gender: Transgender
Personality: Flirty, sarcastic, confident, fun loving

Likes: Reading, playing games, flirting with the 'hot' guys she lays her eyes on, eating food (mainly warm and cold foods), the color black, the color white, pulling pranks on her brothers, having nightmares cause she is friends with the creatures in dreams

Dislikes: Lies, sleeping on the top bunk since she can't handle the height and she'll think she would wind up falling, safe rides at a fair since she is daredevil, being called names, having nicknames, things that aren't 'spooky'

Extras: Sam is a demon and a demon hunter as her and her brothers are against Satan and knows about what happened at that church but never told anyone the truth. Sam also suffers through anxiety and OCD

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